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Research in the Media

Media Source Article/Interview Title Date
OSU News Release OSU develops water-resistant, antimicrobial edible wrap for food preservation, by Chris Branam June 18, 2017
Oregon's Agricultural Progress Adding value to the food industry, by Peg Herring Summer, 2015
OSU News Release Blueberries coated in leaf extracts have longer shelf life, by Daniel Robinson August 3, 2014
KVAL TV Report From waste to taste: Leaf extract extends blueberry shelf life, by Sky Muller June 3, 2014
NPR News Wine Waste Finds Sweet Afterlife in Baked Goods, by Mariana Dale August 9, 2013
USDA Radio News, Another revenue stream ( April 9, 2013
OSU News Release OSU turns winemaking waste into food supplements and flowerpots, by Daniel Robison
March 13, 2013
William Reed Business Media, Dairy Wine by-product increases dietary fibre content of yogurt – US research, by Mark Astley January 17, 2013
Huffington Post Wine Pomace High In Antioxidants, Could Be Used To Fortify Other Foods, Researchers Find October 24, 2012
Capital Press
Researcher finds value in pomace, by Mateusz Perkowski December 8, 2011
OSU Ag and Extension News
Edible coatings slow rot, increase shelf life in pre-washed fresh blueberries, by Aimee Lyn Brown
October 5, 2010
OSU News Release
OSU uses edible coating to make fish fillets longer-lasting, possibly healthier
July 16, 2009
Shelf-life, by Suzanne Hoppough
April, 2006
OSU News Release
Fortified food wrap is good enough to eat, by Peg Herring
July 27, 2004