Value-Added Food Product Development - Research

Lab Members

OSU Researcher (now Lab Alumina), Su-il Park peers through the super food wrap he helped develop. The Saran Wrap like film is made from egg white and crab shell and can be eaten along with the food it wraps. Photo credit: Lynn Ketchum
OSU Researcher (now Lab Alumina) Su-il Park peers through the super food wrap he helped develop. The Saran Wrap like film is made from egg white and crab shell and can be eaten along with the food it wraps. Photo credit: Lynn Ketchum

Current members

Dr. Jooyeoun Jung, Assistant Professor (Sr. Researcher), since March 2016

Zilong Deng, Ph.D. student, since June 2014

Wenjie Wang, Ph.D. student, since April 2016

Lissa A. Davis, undergraduate researcher, Since Sept. 2015

Caroline C. Loe, undergraduate researcher, Since Sept. 2017

Lab alumina



Time Period

Current Position

Donglu Fang Visiting Ph.D. Student 09/16-09/17 Ph.D. Student
Nanjing Agri. University, China
Yifeng Zhang Visiting Ph.D. Student 09/16-06/17 Postoctoral Researcher
Beijing University, China
Hongchi Zhang Visiting Ph.D. Student 08/14-08/15 Assistant Professor
Shanghai Ocean University, China
Virginia Gouw M.S. Student 08/13-03/16 Assistant Manager
Pharmaceutical Company, Indonesia
Wenjie Wang M.S. Student 08/13-03/16 Ph.D. Student in Dr. Zhao's lab
Dr. Jian Yang Visiting Professor 08/13-08/14 Professor
University of Guan, USA
Dr. Xinquan Yang Visiting Scholar 08/13-03/14 Director
China Natural Nation Science Foundation
Dr. Jooyeoun Jung Postdoctoral Research Associate 06/13-02/16 Assistant Professor (Sr. Research)
Oregon State University, USA
Dr. Xiaoyuan Fang Visiting Scholar 06/12-02/13 Beijing Academy of Agriculture
and Forestry Sciences, China
Dr. George Cavender Postdoctoral Research Associate 10/11-09/13 Assistant Professor
University of Georgia, USA

Dr. Bingjun Qian

Postdoctoral Research Associate


Mingyang Liu M.S. Student 08/11-03/14 QA Value-Added Product Manager
Yu Zhong Visiting Ph.D. Student 08/11-08/12 Associate Professor
Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China
Angela Tseng M.S. Student 08/10-12/12 Beverage Technologist
Kerry Ingredients and Flavors
Jeremy Chen M.S. student 08/09-06/12 Food Technologist
Ventura Foods
JooYeoun Jung Ph.D. student 08/09-05/13 Postdoctoral Research Associate
Oregon State University
Dr. Yan Jiang Postdoctoral Research Associate 10/08-10/09 Assistant Professor
ChangChun University of Technology, China
Qian Deng M.S. student 09/08-04/11 R&D Technologist
Campbell's Soup Co.
Dr. Blair Kim Postdoctoral Research Associate 02/07-01/08  

Dr. Jingyun Duan

Postdoctoral Research Associate


Recall and Compliance Coordinator
Oregon Dept. of Agriculture
Ruyi Wu M.S. student 06/06-01/09 R&D Scientist
Nu Skin Enterprises

Dr. Yun Deng

Postdoctoral Research Associate


Associate Professor
Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China

Dr. Daniel Lin

Postdoctoral Research Associate



Pathima Udompijitkul M.S. student 01/05-06/08 Assistant Professor
Kasetsart University, Thailand
Connie Landis Fisk M.S. student 04/04-02/06 Produce Safety Alliance
Northwest Regional Extension Assoc., USA
Xuan Thao Ngo Ph.D. student 09/03-08/07  
Garrett Berden M.S. Student 09/03-06/04 Nutrition and Culinary Educator and Consultant

Dr. Su-il Park

Postdoctoral Research Associate


Associate Professor
Yonsei University, Korea
Minsun Jeon M.S. student 09/02-06/04  
Dr. Dinh Ngoc Loan Visiting scholar 09/02-12/02 University of Agriculture and Forestry
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Dr. Jing Xie

Postdoctoral Research Associate


Dean of College of Food Science
Shanghai Ocean University, China

Chunran Han

M.S. student



Marie Free

Visiting M.S. student



Lisa Leuchner

M.S. student


Dietitian and Nutritionist
Veterans Health Administration, USA

Jun Yang

M.S. student


Associate Principal Scientist
Frito-Lay R&D, PepsiCo Inc.

Yan Mei

M.S. student