Value-Added Food Product Development - Research

BlackberriesMajor Research Grants since 2011

  • Competitive edible coatings for enhancing shelf-life and marketability of pears, ODA Specialty Crop Block Grant, Zhao, Y., 10/17-09/19.
  • Demonstration of Innofresh coating with different CNF and CNC, Yreka/US Forestry Endowment, Simonsen, J. and Zhao, Y., 8/16-8/17.
  • Development of optimal drying, storage methods and conditions for enhancing storability and extending shelf-life of Oregon hazelnuts, OSU Foundation, Zhao, Y and McGorrin R., 06/15-06/18.
  • Development of value-added applications of fruit and wine grape pomace, ODA Specialty Crop Grang, Zhao Y., 10/14-4/16.
  • Development of novel technologies for retaining natural fruit anthocyanins in processed whole fruits, OSU Venture Development Fund, Zhao, Y. and Simonsen, J., 11/13-10/14.
  • Nanocellulose-based edible coatings and films for preventing cherry cracking (Nanocherry), ONAMI, Simonsen, J. and Zhao, Y., 10/13-3/14.
  • Developing nano-composite coatings of cellulose and calcium carbonate to prevent moisture loss and UV damage to fruit and fruit crops, OSU Agriculture Research Foundation, Zhao, Y., Simonsen, J., Fuchigami, L., and Cavender, G., 2/12-7/13.
  • Development of value-added applications of β-chitosan from Humboldt squid (Dosidicus gigas) pens, OSU Sea Grant Development Grant, Zhao, Y., 11/10-5/11.
  • Organic blackberry production systems for improved yield, fruit quality, and food safety in fresh and processed markets, USDA Organic Research Education Imitative Program, Strik, B., Bryla, D., Zhao, Y., Daeschel, M., and others, 10/10-9/15.
  • Enhancing food safety of specialty food production in the northwest region, USDA CSREES Integrated Food Safety program, Zhao, Y., Daeschel, M., and Dougherty, R., 10/08-9/12.
  • Development of value-added products from wine processing biowaste, USDA NCSFR, Zhao, Y., 7/08-08/11.