It's a Wrap

Dr. Yanyun Zhao coats fresh strawberries with thin, antimicrobial, edible film.

What do you get when you cross an egg white with a crabshell?

You get a thin film, sort of like Saran Wrap, that prevents food from spoiling and can be eaten along with the food that it wraps. It can even be fortified with vitamins and minerals so the food and the film together make a more nutritious fare.

This super packaging is the latest technology to come out of Oregon State University’s Department of Food Science and Technology. The film combines two key ingredients: a fiber from shellfish (chitosan) and a protein from egg whites (lysozyme). And its discovery combines the ingenuity of two OSU researchers: Yanyun Zhao, a food technologist and specialist in value-added products, and Mark Daeschel, a microbiologist and specialist in food safety.

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