A primary goal of the Cooperative Extension System is to assist the food industry identify concerns and solve problems. Over the years, OSU Department of Food Science & Technology has made significant contributions to the Oregon food industry.

The mission of OSU's Value-Added Processing Extension Program is to aid in the promotion of a sucessful fruit and vegetable industry in Oregon through technical assistance and technology transfer. We envision pursuing the following:

  • Research projects to answer industry questions and assist development of value-added products
  • Provide short courses and workshops to address immediate needs and concerns of industry
  • Foster student interest in the field of food science
  • Increase communication of current research, technologies and methods via websites, newsletters, and publications

This website provides...

  • Updated information on the important strategies to start value-added processing
  • Processing and packaging technologies for adding value to fruit and vegetable products
  • Resources in Federal and State regulations
  • Information about education programs, manufacturers and suppliers
  • Upcoming events in workshops and short courses

Yanyun Zhao
Professor and Value-Added Product Specialist