Feature Stories

Beer product shots. Oregon State University Fermentation Science Pilot Brewery.

A flight of beer research

Closeup of Earliblue blueberry, Willamette Valley, Oregon

OSU food scientist Yanyun Zhao has helped discover a substance in blueberry leaves that can be added to berry coatings, extending their shelf life while adding antioxidants

Professor Tom Shellhammer and student Victoria Chaplin

OSU-trained beer experts are a hot commodity in a booming industry

Professor and Dairy Specialist, Lisbeth Goddik

Lisbeth Goddik of Oregon State University helps the dairy industry resolve problems in milk and cheese production

[Researchers at OSU Seafood Lab test the effects of a new kind of ice] thumbnail

Making Oregon's Seafood Safe and Sustainable

[Wine grapes from Friuli region of Italy] thumbnail

Students explore world agriculture and gain hands-on food science experience