Feature Stories

[Researchers at OSU Seafood Lab test the effects of a new kind of ice] thumbnail

Making Oregon's Seafood Safe and Sustainable

[Wine grapes from Friuli region of Italy] thumbnail

Students explore world agriculture and gain hands-on food science experience

[Rachel Miller visits France Summer 2102 to test ice-cream recipes] thumbnail

Mais oui! Rachel Miller puts French ice cream to the taste and texture test.

[OSU students making cheese with same vats and molds as used in U.S. ] thumbnail

OSU students lead the whey

[Closeup of mug of beer with foamy head] thumbnail

Defining a new vocabulary for craft brews

[OSU food scientist Yanyun Zhao (right) and research associate Jingyu] thumbnail

OSU food researchers advance frontiers of safety and freshness

[Local berry farmer, Cyndi Snegirev, and OSU scientist Yanyun Zhao po] thumbnail

OSU makes sure fancy foods are safe to eat

[Graduate student Harper Hall checking a yeast culture] thumbnail

A story of the yeast that launched a thousand industries

[Student Jeb Hollabaugh working with pipette in FST Pilot Brewery] thumbnail

A Student Profile: Jeb Hollabaugh

[Graduate Student Tomomi Fujimaru tasting green vegetable juice while] thumbnail

The science of flavor could lead to a better diet