OSU Seafood Laboratory

[Researchers at OSU Seafood Lab test the effects of a new kind of ice, made fro]

Photo by Lynn Ketchum | Oregon Agricultural Progress Winter 2014 

At the edge of Astoria’s historic waterfront, OSU’s Seafood Research and Education Center is helping fishermen add value to their catch and processors find innovative seafood products. Since 1940, the Seafood Lab’s ongoing research has advanced seafood science, safety, and technology.


Christina DeWitt, Director of OSU's Seafood Lab, tests a machine that marinates fish. Photo: Lynn Ketchum, © 2014 Oregon State University Getting the Most Out of Fish
Story: Denise Ruttan, Photo: Lynn Ketchum




A new method of cleaning oysters is making waves in the seafood industry. Photo: Lynn Ketchum, © 2014 Oregon State UniversityRemoving the "Oy" from Oysters
Story: Daniel Robison, Photo: Lynn Ketchum




OSU food scientist Jae Park examines the latest surimi-based seafood innovation. Photo: Lynn Ketchum, © 2014 Oregon State UniversitySeafood-based Delicacies from Fish that No One Wanted
Story: Peg Herring, Photo: Lynn Ketchum