Depth of Field: Fermentation Sciences

Beer product shots. Oregon State University Fermentation Science Pilot Brewery.

Photos Lynn Ketchum | Oregon's Agricultural Progress, Summer 2014

A Flight of Beer ResearchEvaluating beers made with hops from the Oregon State University hop breeding program

Swig-size samples of beer undergo the scrutiny of brewery science students at Oregon State University. Various malts and hops color the brews and lend delicate differences to their taste and aroma.

In 2013, Oregon lawmakers approved 1.2 million to enhance the College of Agricultural Sciences' Fermenation Sciences Program. The legislative funding supports university research in all aspects of the production of high-value beer, wine, cheese, and bread, all products of fermentation. The funding is also helping to establish a new research distillery, making OSU the first university in the nation with a working research winery, brewery, and distillery. This flight of research helps support Oregon's rapidly diversifying fermentation industries.

Video on Fermentation Science at Oregon State University