The Age of Cheese

[OSU students making cheese with same vats and molds as used in U.S. and Europe]

Story by Rachel Robertson | Photo by Lynn Ketchum | Oregon Agricultural Progress Fall 2009

Bedecked in hair nets, OSU food science students crowded around four plastic rectangular vats filled with a milky white liquid. The students stirred, removed some liquid and added other liquid, and generally marveled as curds slowly thickened into their final product—Havarti cheese.

“Although these vats look small, they are exactly what cheese makers use in France,” said Lisbeth Goddik, a professor of food science at OSU.

And she would know. Goddik recently returned from a sabbatical year in France, where she made all varieties of cheese with similar equipment and perfected the art and science of artisan cheese making. With help from the Oregon Dairy Industries, Tillamook Cheese, and a French cheese company, Goddik has now assembled a small commercial-grade cheese plant on campus, where teaching and research are already underway.

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