Facilities and Equipment - Enology and Viticulture Option

Enology & Viticulture - Facilities and Equipment

  • University Vineyards: The University owns and maintains two vineyards, one located at the Lewis Brown farm outside of Corvallis and Woodhall Vineyard located in Alpine, about 20 minutes south of Corvallis. These vineyards have multiple uses and are actively utilized for instruction as well as extension and research. The vineyards are planted with cool climate, industry relevant varieties such as Pinot noir, Pinot gris and Chardonnay.
  • Pilot Plant Winery: The pilot plant winery is located in neighboring Withycombe Hall and is composed of equipment necessary for winegrape processing including a stemmer-crusher, presses, filtration systems, bottling systems and storage facilities. The winery also serves as a teaching tool for extension workshops and University-owned vineyards provide winegrapes for teaching and research purposes.