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Our Mission: The University Scholars Program (USP) seeks to provide a diverse community of ambassadors committed to academic excellence, outreach and engagement, while providing opportunities to encourage our scholar’s involvement in special leadership and service options on campus and in the community, thus enhancing the complete educational experience and providing invaluable future career and personal growth opportunities.  

Students receiving the Presidential, Provost’s, Academic Achievement, Diversity Achievement, and National Merit Awards are part of the University Scholars Program. The OSU Scholars Program provides leadership and service opportunities to assist students to become familiar with the campus community, its resources, and activities. Scholars are encouraged to be involved in special leadership and service opportunities designed to enhance their personal and academic experience. The USP coordinator is available to meet with scholars regarding their progress, community service opportunities, elite scholarship opportunities, and campus concerns.

If you are participating in the Degree Partnership Program (DPP) please review OSU enrollment requirements specific to your scholarship.

Who is the USP coordinator and what do they do?

The University Scholars Program is administered through the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships. If you have questions or concerns, please write or e-mail Jessica Abblitt, USP Coordinator at scholarship.office@oregonstate.edu You may also call to set up an appointment at (541) 737-1125. Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Scholars may also get helpful information on the USP listserv. All scholars are required to subscribe by going to: http://lists.oregonstate.edu, and then enter “USP”, and follow the instructions to be added to the listserv.

How do I receive my scholarship?

Your award will be divided into three installments and credited each term to your University student billing account based upon full-time enrollment. You are expected to maintain continuous enrollment at Oregon State University.

What is my role at OSU as a scholarship recipient?

As one of approximately 4,400 USP scholars on campus, members of the university and extended community look upon you as role models. Your role as a scholar at OSU goes beyond the classroom, the laboratory, the art studio or the research library. Your role as a student leader extends to the University social life; to the OSU and Corvallis communities as well as your community back home. Students planning international study will be ambassadors far beyond OSU’s borders, and your presence abroad can have a significant global impact. You will represent the University in a wide variety of situations, some formal, and others informal, on a day-to-day basis. How you carry out your role will shape how people, both inside and outside the university community, view OSU and our record of academic excellence. The University has great confidence in your ability to support this important mission. Based on the past history of our undergraduate scholars, we believe that you are capable of taking on this role, and will do an outstanding job.

What should I do if I will not be enrolled for a term?

If you do not plan to attend OSU for a specific term (excluding summer) due to participation in an internship through your major department, National Student Exchange, or Study Abroad Program, or for extenuating circumstances, you must contact the USP coordinator to request a leave of absence. To retain your scholarship eligibility, an approved leave of absence must be on file prior to the term you will not be enrolled.

What are the requirements to renew my scholarship?

All awards are renewable for four years, or up to 12 terms of undergraduate work towards a bachelor’s degree. Each award has its own renewal requirement. You must meet both the GPA and credit hour minimum each year to continue your scholarship. Please note that Advanced Placement (AP) and/or transfer credits will not be counted toward the GPA or credit requirements, unless you are enrolled in the dual-partnership program.  You must also maintain continuous full-time enrollment at OSU for Fall, Winter, and Spring terms. If you believe you are unable to meet these requirements, you are required to contact the USP coordinator as soon as possible. You are ultimately responsible to monitor your own progress to assure scholarship renewal requirements are met.

Students will be notified, by e-mail, of their progress at the end of each term and at the end of the academic year to confirm scholarship renewal status for the following year.



Min Term Credits

Min Annual Credits


3.0 GPA

15 credits

45 credits


3.0 GPA

15 credits

45 credits

Academic Achievement

3.0 GPA

12 credits

36 credits

Diversity Achievement 2.5 GPA 12 credits

36 credits

What is University Scholars Student Association (USSA)? 

USSA is an OSU student run organization, mostly comprised of USP scholars, but membership is open to all OSU students. This organization was formed to meet the need of uniting the student scholars at Oregon State University. USSA provides opportunities to develop leadership qualities, serve our community and school, conduct social events, publicize volunteer projects, and more. You are highly encouraged to become a member of USSA. To join just go to http://lists.oregonstate.edu, and then enter “osussa” as the organization, and follow the given instructions to be added. You can also click here to visit their webpage.

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