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Federal Work-Study is a Federal aid program administered by the OSU Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships. Eligibility is need-based and limited to students with exceptional financial need. Part-time federal work-study employment gives you the opportunity to earn money during the school year to help pay for educational costs including rent, books, food, and personal expenses.

If you have been awarded Federal work-study funds, and have accepted them, we encourage you to take advantage of the work-study opportunities during the upcoming year, and hope this information helps you find a federal work-study job. NOTE: If you have not been awarded federal work-study, you can still work on campus in a regular student job. Please visit Beaver Jobnet to explore the opportunities available to you!

Basic Information For 2013-14 Federal Work-Study Jobs

When can you work?

You can work during terms you have received a federal work-study award. You have to be enrolled at least half-time each of those terms (6 credits-undergraduate/5 credits-graduate). If you receive financial aid for Summer term, you may work beginning July 1, 2013. If Fall term is the first term of 2013-14 that you receive financial aid, you may work beginning September 30, 2013.


Where can you work?

Many departments on campus hire work-study students, in a variety of positions. Off-campus employers such as the America Reads program in local grade schools and the Boys and Girls Clubs often hire Federal work-study students.


When will jobs be posted in Beaver JobNet?

Fall Work-Study Jobs will be posted beginning September 1, 2013


How do I access the work-study job listings in Beaver JobNet?

1. We provide the listing of Federal work-study openings from which you do a job search.

2. Go to http://oregonstate.edu/career/ and login to Beaver JobNet on the right hand side of the screen.

3. If you have never logged onto Beaver JobNet you will need to Register. 

a. If you are a first time user, you will use your ONID username and ONID password.

4. Build your personal profile following the instructions on the screen (Contact Career Services if you have questions on the set-up.)

5. Once your profile is built, select the Search Jobs and Internship link at the top of the screen (4th tab).

6.  Select  Federal Work Study Jobs under the "Position Type and click "Search"

7.  Click on each job title for more details about the job.  Application instructions will appear within each job listing in the "Description" area.  You can find contact information at the bottom of the screen.


Never done a job search before?

Career Services offers resources for students looking for jobs on their website and in their office in Room B008 in the lower level of the Kerr Administration Building.


Check The Job Listing Frequently! New Jobs Could Be Posted At Any Time!


Working and Getting Paid

  • July 1, 2013 is the first day you can work for Summer Term.

  • September 30, 2013 is the first day you can work for Fall Term. 

  • You may earn up to the total of the Federal work-study award amount shown on your financial aid award (you can view your award on Student Online Services). 

  • Wages are the state minimum wage or higher an hour, depending on the job requirements. 

  • You may work up to but not more than 20 hours a week combined for all student employment, including regular and/or work-study student jobs and assistantships. 

  • You may work up to 40 hours per week between terms IF you are enrolled at least half time for both the previous term and the next term. Exception: You may not work between the end of spring term and July 1. 

  • You will get a paycheck once a month for the hours you worked during the previous pay period. 

  • Your earnings are not credited to your billing account.

Questions? Contact the OSU Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships at 541-737-2241, email us, or come to our office in room 218 Kerr Administration Building.

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