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 OSU's Bridge to Success Program is a new financial aid initiative that in its first school year, 2008-09, allowed more than 10 percent of the Oregonian students who attend OSU to do so free of charge.

The program, which is the largest of its kind announced in Oregon, covers standard tuition and fee costs for more than 3,000 in-state students. (Differential tuition charges are not covered for additional charges based on a students program of study).

The awards are based on financial need and students ability to show satisfactory progress toward completion of degrees, including earning 45 credits per year* for renewal of the award in subsequent years.

Another innovative aspect of the new program is its simplicity: Students don't need to apply, any financial aid applicant who meets Pell Grant and Oregon Opportunity Grant eligibility and can show necessary progress toward degree will be automatically considered.

"As Oregon's land grant university, it is our mission to ensure that the sons and daughters of this state have access to a premier college education, and the Bridge to Success Program will help us fulfill that promise for worthy students with significant financial need," said OSU President Ed Ray.

*Degree Partnership Program students receiving the Bridge to Success Grant are required to be enrolled in a MINIMUM of 6 credits at OSU each term to receive those funds regardless of minimum credit requirements with partner schools.

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