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General Information about Transferring

When transferring to another institution, it is important to understand that a student’s financial award is not transferable to other schools; each institution may award a student different amounts and types of aid. Awards are determined by student eligibility, the cost of attendance at each school, and the total number of aid dollars available at each school. To begin the process of requesting aid at a different institution, a student simply adds the new school’s code to the FAFSA and that school will then receive the student’s FAFSA financial aid information and begin the process of awarding them financial aid.

 The student should contact the financial aid office of the school they will be attending to determine:

  • their aid application procedures
  • what aid is available
  • what forms may be required
  • if a student must be admitted before his/her file will be reviewed


The student should allow a reasonable amount of time for the necessary paperwork to be processed. A student should be sure to follow through with the process by staying in touch with the school to make sure paperwork has been received and their file is complete.


Transferring TO Oregon State University:

To start the financial aid process at OSU students must first have applied for admission. Below is a helpful checklist to make sure a student’s transition to OSU is smooth and successful.

1. Apply for admission at OSU.

2. Add Oregon State University to your financial aid application (FAFSA) by adding our school code (003210) online at www.fafsa.ed.gov or by calling the FAFSA processor at 1-800-433-3243

3. Contact your current school's financial aid office and cancel any financial aid for subsequent terms. Students cannot receive aid at more than one school at a time so it is critical that this process occur.

4. Once your FAFSA has been received you will receive an award notification, or a request for additional information from the OSU Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships via mail or email.

5. Turn in any information that is requested by OSU.

6. Accept your financial aid award.


Transferring FROM Oregon State University:

To transfer from Oregon State University to another institution, a student may want to follow the checklist below to make sure that their transition from Oregon State University is complete. 

 1. Add the new school you are planning to attend to financial aid application (FAFSA) by adding the school code online or by calling the FAFSA processor at 1-800-433-3243.

2. Notify the OSU Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships in writing that you will not be attending subsequent terms, and request that we cancel any remaining financial aid award.

3. Contact your new school's financial aid office to see what their procedures are regarding transferring.

4. Pick up deferment forms from the OSU Student Loan Office if you have received a Perkins Loans from OSU. You will need these forms filled out by your new school's registrar or financial aid office to insure that you will not go into repayment of your loan.

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