2014-2015 Schedule.pdf

OSU Art Faculty
James B. Thompson,
Schemata: Rural Life and Leisure Pursuits

       Ralph Pugay, Everything Taste Like Chicken

       Chang-ah Choi, Artifacts & Incidents

       OSU Photo Faculty, Showcase

       Fritz Liedtke, Astra Velum

       Frank Boyden, Oregon Icon

OSU Graduating Art Seniors

2013-2014 Schedule.pdf

OSU Art Faculty

       Jacinda Russell, Two, Nine & Twelve

       Michael Paul Miller, The Long Road

       Nicole Jean Hill, Artifacts & Incidents

       Samantha Wall, Only Part of the Story

       John Maul, A Generous Life

       Royal Nebeker, Prints

OSU Graduating Art Seniors


2012-2013 Schedule.pdf

OSU Art Faculty

       Analee Fuentes, Del Corazón (By Heart)

Michael Lazarus, Are You Real

OSU Photography Instructors, Focus/Refocus

Susan Seubert, Ambrotypes

Rae Mahaffey, Oil on panel

       Heidi Schwegler, Grayout

OSU Graduating Art Seniors

Fairbanks 2011-2012 Schedule.pdf

OSU Art Faculty

       Sean Caulfield, Darkfire and the Waiting Room

       Kate Hunt, Transcendence

Mark Newport, Alter Egos

Clarence Morgan, Material Traces

Cameron Anne Mason, Surface.Form.Stitch

Cara Tomlinson, Paintings

OSU Graduating Art Seniors

FB 2010-2011 Schedule.pdf

OSU Art Faculty

Jeesoo Lee, Degree of Beauty

Rachel Hines, Rachel Huffman, Rachel Warkentin, 3Rach(a)els

Shelley Jordon, Materfamilias

Nancy Froehlich, Nadra Moritz, Zvezdana Stojmirovic, Azin Valy: Type/Life

Linda Hutchins, Through Line

Cascade Print Exchange V

OSU Graduating Art Seniors

FB 2009-2010.pdf

OSU Art Faculty

Luba Lukova

Susie Nielsen & Christine Gallagher

Stephen Hayes

Fred Burton

Shawn Bitters

Chang-Ae Song

OSU Graduating Art Seniors

2008-09 .pdf

OSU Art Faculty

Berkley Chappell

Sarah Grew

Debra Beers

Karen Kunc

John Sexton

Marilee Salvator

OSU Graduating Art Seniors


OSU Art Faculty

Jenny Schmid, Free Citizens of the DzR, Linocut, Etching, Lithography

        Pat Boas, Idiom, Drawings

        Emily Ginsburg, Habitual, Prints & Video

        World Visions: Selections from the Department of Art Fine Art Print Collection

        Lauren Grossman, Whithersoever, Mixed-media sculpture

        Heejung Kim, The World Between, Sculptural Books

                &  Sarah Pucill, Stages of Mourning, Film

        OSU Graduating Art Seniors, Annual Exhibit



OSU Art Faculty

Tala Madani, Cake Men, Oil & Acrylic on Canvas

Yuji Hiratsuka, Recent Works, Prints and Drawings

Martha Wehrle, New Works, Mixed Media

Ed Musante, Cigar Box Paintings, Mixed media

Bill Viola: The Reflecting Pool & Observance, Video Installations

Art Werger, Overview, Mezzotints & Aquatints

Tom Nakashima, Stewart’s Sticks and Huddled Masses, Collage on canvas

OSU Graduating Art Seniors’ Exhibit


OSU Art Faculty

Andrew Myers, Be Useful, Mixed-media Drawings

Yoshiko Shimano, Prints

Impressions, Prints from the Department of Art Fine Art Collection

Sandra Dal Pogetto, Wild Time

Plenkiwiesich Scholarship Exhibit;

Jay Backstrand, Mixed-media paintings

OSU Art Emeriti Exhibit

OSU Graduating Art Seniors.


OSU Art Faculty

Stu Levy, Grand Canyon, Photographs

Sue Coe, Tragedy of War, A Print Cycle

Michael Schultheis, Paintings from Harmonic Oscillations

Reallegories, the Poetic Narrative in Painting

Carol Ann Carter, Waiting Room: A multi-media installation

Harry Widman, Paintings

OSU Graduating Seniors

Philip Pearlstein, Nine Prints, West Gallery.


OSU Art Faculty

Tony Fitzpatrick, Etchings & Lithographs

Yoonmi Nam, Bamboo Forest, Installation,

Loren Nelson, Under Wraps: Buildings In Transition, Photographs

Kay French, About the Plants of Paradise, Painting

Minoru Ohira, Nature’s Hand, Sculpture

Cody Bustamante, Paintings

OSU Graduating Seniors.


OSU Art Faculty

Rick Bartow: Sweat & Steam, Paintings and Drawings

Ajay Garg: Conemporary Miniature Indain Paintings

Fine Arts Print Collection

Katherine Ace: Momentary Histories, Painting

Shelley Jordon: Open Skies: Recent Paintings

Robert Hess: Cast & Forged: Bronze Sculpture

OSU Graduating Seniors


OSU Art Faculty Exhibit

Geraldine Ondrizek, Stem Cells and Cellular Tissue, Installation

Contemporary Prints: Dine, Warhol, Lichenstein and Others

Ted Wiprud, Selected Works 1964-2002

Bill Rades, Paintings and Drawings

Julie Green & Clay Lohmann, Paintings

Dick Arentz, Platinum and Palladium Prints

OSU Graduating Seniors.


OSU Art Faculty Exhibit

Lee Imonen: Recent Sculpture

Chang-ae Song: Soul of Seoul, Paintings

Gordon Gilkey: Memorial Union Gallery

Clint Brown: Studies in Sanguine

Bruce Barnbaum: Cosmic Earth: Photographs

Plinkiewisch Scholarship Students

Polish Posters by Andrea Marks

Wendell Black: An American Master

Mail From the Edge: Stamps of Michael Thompson & Michael Henandez de Luna

Graduating Seniors Exhibit


OSU Art Faculty Exhibit

Melinda Thorsnes, The Last Decade; Paintings and Drawings

David Nez, Mixed Media on Paper & Mixed Media Sculpture

Marina Mangubi, Paintings and Softground

John Maul, Works in Bronze and Mixed Media

James Lee Hansen, Bronze Sculpture

OSU Art Students

OSU Graduating Seniors

West Gallery Exhibitions: Ying Tan, Multi-media

American Institute of Graphic Arts


OSU Art Faculty Exhibit

Christine Bourdette

ColorPrint USA

Jay Dusard, Photographs

Wayne Thiebaud, Prints

Lee Kelly, Sculpture

OSU Art Students

OSU Graduating Seniors


Samuel C.R. Hinds, Cast Bronze & Laminated and Carved Wood Sculpture

Clayton Marsh, Simple Houses, Paintings and Sculptures

Jerry Uelsmann, Silver Meditations, Photographs

Melissa Weinman, Mixed-Media Drawings

George Green, The Artist’s Studio, Sketches, Drawings, Paintings

OSU Art Seniors

OSU Art Faculty

West Gallery Exhibitions: American Institute of Graphic Design

Contemporary Ceramics

Yuji Hiratsuka, Intaglio


Mike Taylor: Mixed Media Sculpture & Paintings

George Johanson: Prints

Korean Poster Design

Kevin Kadar: Paintings

The Oregon Public University System Student Juried Exhibit

Ruth Bernhard: Photographs

OSU Art Student Exhibit

David Wilson: New Terrain, Photography (Giustina Gallery)

Patricia Bellan-Gillen:  Mixed Media Paintings & Prints (Giustina Gallery)

OSU Art Faculty Exhibit (Giustina Gallery)

Michael Brophy: Paintings (Giustina Gallery)

Art About Agriculture (Giustina Gallery)

Lucinda Parker: Paintings (Giustina Gallery)

OSU Graduating Art Seniors (Giustina Gallery)


Laurie S. Austin: Welded Steel, Sculpture

Edition Objects: Contemporary Artists

John Maul: Sculpture

Prentiss Cole:  Installation

OSSHE Statewide Student Juried

Gregory Grenon: Paintings

Contemporary Prints

OSU Student Exhibit

Adams, Brookes, and Wehrle (Giustina Gallery)

Lin Xia Jiang: Oil on Canvas (Giustina Gallery)

OSU Art Faculty (Giustina Gallery)

Kathryn Jacobi: Requiem Chorus (Giustina Gallery)

Art About Agriculture (Giustina Gallery)

OSU Graduating Seniors (Giustina Gallery)

David Wilson: New Terrain, Color Photography (Giustina Gallery)


Barbara Eiswerth: Paintings and Sculpture

Jef Gunn: Encaustic Paintings

John Maul: Sculpture

Works from the Department of Art Collection

Upstairs/Downstairs: Artists of the Crees Building exhibit

OSU Art Faculty

Linda Beaumont: Paintings

Fran Holt: Mixed media paintings

Northwest Print Council

Art @ Agriculture

Laura Ross-Paul

OSSHE Student Juried Exhibit

Imagination of Letters: Japanese Graphic Design Posters

Graduating Senior Exhibit

OSU Art Students


Jacqueline Peele

Sharon Louden

Martha Wehrle

Brooks Dewey & Laura Scott: California Watercolor

Richard Barnes: Archelogy and Recollection, Photography

Ken Paul; Graphic Discourse

Jon Dukehart

Craig Howell

Art @ Agriculture

OSSHE Student Juried Exhibit

Richard Morhous

Jim Rittimann: Reconstructions

OSU Graduating Seniors

OSU Art Students

David Rosenthal: Opposite the Bear: Paintings of Antarctica


Yuji Hiratsuka

Baochi Zhang

OSU Art Faculty

Ted Wiprud

Betsy Najjar

Ed Musante

OSSHE Student Juried Exhibit

Jacob Lawrence, Prints

OSU Art Students

30 Jarr Amnesty International (Giustina Gallery)

Alan Munro (Giustina Gallery)

Carolyn Kreig (Giustina Gallery)

Kay Campbell (Giustina Gallery)

Art @ Agriculture (Giustina Gallery)

Oregon Watercolor Society (Giustina Gallery)

OSU Graduating Seniors (Giustina Gallery)

Dennis Spector: Photography (Giustina Gallery)


Harley Jessup, The Art of Special Effects

Shelley Jordon, Recent Paintings

OSU Art Faculty

Clint Brown, The Plague Drawings

OSSHE Student Juried Exhibit

Four Installations: Doug Humble, Joe Soldate, Jolyon Hofsted, Christina Burdette

Chi Meredith, Prints & Paintings

OSU Art Student exhibit

Betty LaDuke, Africa, Between Myth and Reality (Giustina Gallery)

Sierra Briano, Broken Hearted Butch Madonna (Giustina Gallery)

Sally Schoolmaster (Giustina Gallery)

Art @ Agriculture (Giustina Gallery)

Senior exhibit (Giustina Gallery)

Myrna Yoder (Giustina Gallery)


Sculpture: Three Alumni: Phil Jameson, Bud Egger, John Maul

April Greiman, Graphic Design

Stephen Hayes, Paintings


Harrison Branch, Photography

Student exhibit

Wendall Black, Engravings (Giustina Gallery)

Latremouille, Charcoal Drawings (Giustina Gallery)

Cie Goulet (Giustina Gallery)

Work from the OSU Department of Art Collection (Giustina Gallery)

Vince Zettler (Giustina Gallery)

Angelita Surmon (Giustina Gallery)

Art @ Agriculture (Giustina Gallery)

Senior exhibit (Giustina Gallery)

Blue & White, National traveling Quilt show (Giustina Gallery)

Oregon State University Faculty Exhibit (Salishan Art Gallery)


Berk Chappell and Greg Pfarr: The Art of Printmaking

OSU Art Faculty

Sussman/Prejza & Company

Rick Bartow

OSSHE Student Juried Exhibit

Denny Fagan & Teal Sale

Marian Bowman (Giustina Gallery)

Sculpture: Lynne Oulman, Phyllis Yes, Joanne Peekeman, May Schaeffer; (GG)

Sheila Pitt: Woodcuts (Giustina Gallery)

Desiree Aller (Giustina Gallery)

Bill Brewer (Giustina Gallery)

Art About Agriculture (Giustina Gallery)

Judith M Sander (Giustina Gallery)

OSU Graduating Seniors (Giustina Gallery)

OSU Student Art Exhibit

Wendell Black: Engravings (Giustina Gallery)


Barbara Milman

Michael Vanderbyl

OSU Art Faculty

Sculpture from the University of Washington

Shepard Levine

Larry Kirkland

Drawing From Life, National Juried Student Drawing Exhibit

John Rock, Jon Cruson, & Wally Weltzin

Oregon State System of Higher Education Juried Exhibit

Shereen & David LaPlantz

Art Students Exhibit

Cody Bustamante (Giustina Gallery)

Alan Munro (Giustina Gallery)

Bonnie Mott (Giustina Gallery)

Art About Agriculture (Giustina Gallery)

William Turner (Giustina Gallery)

OSU Graduating Art Students (Giustina Gallery)

Close to Home Community Artists lnvitational (Giustina Gallery)


Sculpture Invitationa1: Weltzin Blix, Robert Hess, Manuel Izquierdo,
Keith Jellum, Michihiro Kosuge, and William Moore

K.C. Maxwell

Gordon Gilkey

James M. Lilly

Norma Seibert Collection

Oregon State System of Higher Education Juried Exhibit

Felice Lucero-Giaccardo

OSU Art Students Exhibit

Layne Goldsmith (Giustina Gallery)

OSU Art Faculty (Giustina Gallery)

Berk Chappell (Giustina Gallery)

Art About Agriculture (Giustina Gallery)

Michael Gibbons (Giustina Gallery)

OSU Graduating Seniors Art Exhibit (Giustina Gallery)

A Sense of Humor (Giustina Gallery)


OSU Art Faculty

Three Scientific Illustrators

American Institute of Graphic Arts Portrait Show

Greg Pfarr

Haro1d Balaz

Art Thompson

Shelley Jordon

Oregon State System of Higher Education Juried Exhibit

Tom Morandi

Blackfish Gallery Artists (Giustina Gallery)

Kristina Kennedy Daniels (Giustina Gallery)

Western Oregon State College Art Faculty (Giustina Gallery)

Art About Agriculture (Giustina Gallery)

Paul Missal (Giustina Gallery)

OSU Graduating Seniors Art Exhibit (Giustina Gallery)

OSU Art Students Exhibit

Giustina Gallery Summer Exhibit


Martha Wehrle (Giustina Gallery)

Richard Robertson (Giustina Gallery)

Mark C1arke (Giustina Gallery)

University of Oregon Art Faculty (Giustina Gallery)

Art About Agriculture (Giustina Gallery)

Nelson Sandgren (Giustina Gallery)

David Joyce (Giustina Gallery)

Bachelor of Fine Arts Exhibit (Giustina Gallery)

Oregon State University Art Faculty (Giustina Gallery)


Kay Buckner  (Giustina Gallery)

Douglas Campbell Smith  (Giustina Gallery)

Martha Margulis  (Giustina Gallery)

Dave Bohn (Giustina Gallery)

Harrison Branch & Bruce Barnbaum (Giustina Gallery)

Art About Agriculture (Giustina Gallery)

Anne Krosby (Giustina Gallery)

Bachelor of Fine Arts Exhibit (Giustina Gallery)

Richard Blow & Christopher Burkett (Giustina Gallery)

Wolf Kahn at Fairbanks Gallery


Harriet Rex Smith (Giustina Gallery)

Olga Seem, Jacqueline Dreager, Gayle Partlow (Giustina Gallery)

Robert Hess, Harry Widham (Giustina Gallery)

Carl Hall (Giustina Gallery)

Art About Agriculture (Giustina Gallery)

Phil Jameson & Bill Ingham (Giustina Gallery)

Bachelor of Fine Arts Exhibit (Giustina Gallery)

Japanese Woodblock Prints (Giustina Gallery)

OSU Art Faculty  (Giustina Gallery)


Clint Brown (Giustina Gallery)

Mac Vicar Collection (Giustina Gallery)

John Devine (Giustina Gallery)

Demetrios Jameson (Giustina Gallery)

OSU Art Faculty (Giustina Gallery)

Calvin Killgore (Giustina Gallery)

Nishi Tokujiro (Giustina Gallery)

Alan Munro (Giustina Gallery)

Michael Dailey (Giustina Gallery)

Mary Barnes (Giustina Gallery)

Ray Masters (Giustina Gallery)

OSU Bachelor of Fine Arts Student Exhibit  (Giustina Gallery)


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