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808: Donations

Property Management Policy & Procedure Manual
Section 800: Equipment Disposal
Effective: 07/01/1996
Revised: 04/03/2014


To manage the disposal of capital and other equipment through donations and to ensure compliance with state and university requirements.

Background Information

The State of Oregon Department of Administrative Services policy on disposition of surplus property requires that equipment no longer needed by an agency must be made available to other agencies in the following order:

  1. OSU departments, then
  2. other state agencies and political subdivisions, then
  3. non-profit organizations with a current 501-C status.

Equipment not utilized by these agencies or organizations will be disposed of through public sales.


Departments may donate excess, unused, or unneeded equipment to the qualified non-profit organization upon obtaining approval from Property Management.   OSU requires a copy of the 501-C status each time a non-profit organization receives a donation or purchases an item from the Surplus Office.  All donations MUST BE PROCESSED through Surplus Property, which is responsible for documenting the donations for audit purposes.

Departments will not show favoritism to any particular organization.  If a department appears to be directing supplies/equipment to any one organization on a regular basis Property Management may intervene and take corrective actions.


Responsible Party Action
  1. Create a list of items to be donated.
  2. Complete a Surplus Property Pickup Request (SPR) worksheet listing the items to be donated.
  • In the body of the form, type the name and address of the receiving organization as well as a contact name and telephone number.
  • If additional space is needed to identify items, attach a memo with the information and the department head's signature.
  • Obtain department heads signature on the SPR approving the donation.
  1. Submit completed SPR form to Surplus Property department.
Surplus Property
  1. Post the availability of this equipment in the Warehouse for a reasonable period of time.  If requested by department, picks up property for disposition.
  2. If not needed by another department or state agency, Surplus will
  • collect the equipment when appropriate,
  • verify that the non-profit organization is properly authorized to receive donations before they are allowed to pick up the donation,
  • make sure the organization receives the donation, and
  • processes the necessary paperwork.

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