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Important Information Regarding Registration


Our policy regarding registration holds is changing. Beginning with Winter Term students will need
to have a balance of $2,200.00 or less to be able to register and their
outstanding balance will need to be only from the two most recent terms.

Who will this change affect?

This change affects students who are carrying a balance from
more than two terms ago. For example a
student who is attempting to register for Winter Term 2009 will need to have
all of their charges from Spring Term 2008 and earlier paid before they will be
permitted to register. As always
students will also need to have their balance paid to $2,200.00 or less to be
able to register.

We anticipate that this change
will affect 10-20% of students.

Why is Business Affairs making this policy change?

Our goal is to assist students in managing their student
accounts. The new policy will give
students further incentive to keep their student account balances current. By
keeping accounts current and restricting carryover debt from term to term,
student account balances are kept at a more manageable level which lowers the
debt burden to those who are graduating or otherwise leave OSU. This will also help decrease the expense of
student account write-offs which can otherwise result in higher student fees.

So what exactly do I need to do to be able to register for Winter Term

To be able to register for Winter Term 2009 students should:

  1. Make sure their balance is $2,200.00 or less.

  2. Have everything from Spring Term 2008 or earlier

Students can check their account information online at
Student Online Services. Remember that
Winter 2009 registration begins November 9, 2008 so students should plan on
resolving all charges from Spring Term 2008 or before by late October.

How can I check to see if I have any holds?

You can check your holds through Student Online
Services. Contact information for the
department issuing the hold will be listed next to the type of hold. Please note that not all holds are placed by
the Student Accounts Office.

I think I need some help with all of this, who can help me?

We can! Our Student
Debt Management Office can help students with financial counseling,
establishing payment arrangements and assisting with planning. Contact us by email at Accounts.Receivable@oregonstate.edu
or by telephone at (541) 757-3002. We
are also available to meet in person at our office located in the Kerr Administration
Building at window 13.