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Information for Study Abroad Students

Study abroad students may wish to consider the following as they prepare to depart. The information listed below is not mandatory but contains suggestions which may be helpful when students are out of the country.

Financial Aid

Students should make sure that all of their financial aid information is up to date. This includes signing any necessary promissory notes.

Refund Checks

Study Abroad students expecting to receive a financial aid refund may want to consider signing up for direct deposit. With direct deposit any refunds processed for a student will go directly to their bank account instead of being printed and mailed as a paper check. This does away with the possibility of checks being lost in the mail and also eliminates the need to go to the bank to cash a paper check.

Student Privacy

Although students are welcome to call us during regular business hours or email our office anytime, it can sometimes be difficult for study abroad students to communicate directly with the university when concerns arise. For this reason students sometimes ask another person such as a parent, spouse, relative or friend to contact the Student Finance or Cashier's office on their behalf. Because of regulations regarding the privacy of student accounts we are required to have a release of confidentiality form on file before we can release student account information with anyone other than the student.

Students wishing to sign a release form should do so before they leave the country. Release forms are available at the Student Finance office in the Kerr Administration Building. Students need to bring photo ID with them when signing a release form so that our staff can verify identity. We can also mail or fax release forms, however, they must be notarized when they are not signed at our office. Study abroad students should note that it can be difficult to find a notary public when visiting other countries.

Some students choose to take the step of assigning a Power of attorney. Power of attorney allows the student to appoint another person as their legal representative who may complete legal and financial transaction on their behalf. Papers to assign power of attorney can typically be found online or at stationary stores. Power of attorney forms must be notarized in order to be valid. Students may drop of a copy of their completed power of attorney forms at the Cashier's Office.

Alternative Loans

Students that have applied for alternative loans should make arrangements for processing their alternative loans before they leave the country. Most lenders send alternative loans funds electronically, however, there are a few lenders who send alternative loan funds via paper check. Students can check with their lender to verify whether or not their funds will be transferred to OSU electronically. Lenders that send paper checks to OSU will either make the check out directly to OSU, make the check payable to the student or make the check payable to both the student and OSU. If the students is listed as a payee, then the student or their legal representative must endorse the check.

Mailing Address

Students leaving on study abroad should check to make sure that their current mailing address is current. Students can verify their address and make changes at Student Online Services.