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In general, OSU does not encourage prepayment on student accounts. Student accounts are not set up in such a way that payment for future charges can be made ahead of time. Student accounts are monitored for credit balances and a process is run weekly to refund credit balances to the student. Attempting to make a payment when no charges are present will often result in a refund directly to the student.

We are aware, however, that there are certain situations where prepayment on a student account is necessary, such as situations where a trust is donating a large sum that must be made payable to the university and is to be used over several terms. In these cases special accommodations can be made. For more information please contact the Student Accounts Office by email at Accounts.Receivable@oregonstate.edu or by telephone at (541) 737-3775.

OSU does not have a program where accounts can be prepaid to freeze tuition rates.