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Misuse of Identification Card Policy

In following Student Conduct Regulations 576-015-0020: The University may initiate disciplinary action and impose sanctions against any student, University recognized student organization, or academic department group which commits the following proscribed act:


-Falsification or misuse of any University information, including records, permits, documents, computer resources, identification cards, etc.


Rules and Regulations

  1. The Student Identification Card is the property of Oregon State University
  2. The card is non-transferable, including the use of the card for debit account transactions.
  3. Misuse of the card subjects those involved to confiscation of the identification card and to University disciplinary action and/or legal action.
    1. Admission to OSU events and the use of facilities will be denied to those involved;
    2. The fraudulent use of the student identification card by an individual who has previously been enrolled, but who is not enrolled when using the card on campus, will result in the confiscation of the card by the University and will subject the user to legal action;
    3. If the card is misused or transferred to another person by a student, it will be confiscated.
      1. Cards that have been confiscated will be forwarded to the ID Center;
      2. The confiscated card will be destroyed. The student must pay a replacement fee of $25 to the ID Center to obtain a new card;
      3. A second offense will result in a referral to student conduct for further investigation. 
      4. Students who believe that their card has been wrongfully impounded may present their case to the ID Center within seven days of confiscation.
        1. If the student wishes to immediately obtain the card, in light of their need to access dining privileges or other services, the student must pay the $25 as described above and request the review;
        2. After the student has been given full opportunity to present the facts, a decision will be made by the I.D. Card Appeal Committee;
        3. If the I.D. Card Appeal Committee determines that the student’s case is valid, the card replacement fee will be waived and if the student has paid the $25 fee, it will be refunded.