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Business Affairs Contacts

Office of Business Affairs

Name Title Telephone
Aaron Howell Assistant Vice President and Controller 541-737-9860
Janet Ekholm Executive Assistant to the Assistant Vice President and Controller 541-737-9275
Patty DeLuca Systems Development Manager 541-737-0651
Cathy Hess Office Specialist 541-737-8827

Student Finance

Name Title Telephone
Lissa Perrone Associate Director/Bursar 541-737-6127
Bo Price Assistant Bursar 541-737-0658

Student Accounts

Name Title Telephone
George Windom Student Accounts Manager 541-737-0643
Student Accounts Main Line 541-737-3775
Michelle Warf Athletic Scholarships & Safekeeping 541-737-0642
Sally Elliott Student Accounts & ROTC Billing 541-737-0645
Vacant Student Accounts 541-737-3645
Erica Alire Scholarship & 3rd Party Billing 541-737-0644


Student Debt Management (Collections and Perkins Loans)

Name Title Telephone
Jon Bickler Manager 541-737-0639

Cindy Huddleston

Student Debt Counselor 541-737-0640
Robin Shumway Program Representative 541-737-9366
Zeah Seeber Perkins Loans 541-737-0638

Cashiers' Office

Name Title Telephone
Janice Lee-Virnig Cashiers Operations Manager 541-737-4109
Cashier's Office Cashier's Office Main Line 541-737-2597
Susan Aronoff Cashier 541-737-0619
Charlotte Hughbank Outgoing Wires & Change Orders 541-737-2597
Cheryl McMorris Cashier 541-737-0619
Ashley Brown
Cashier 541-737-0618
Karen Roman Deposits & Change Funds 541-737-0617
Vacant Accounting Technician  

ID Center

Name Title Telephone
Dale Simspon Manager 541-737-0555
Robert Monasky Information Technology Consultant 541-737-0557
Pam McPartlin Customer Service Coordinator 541-737-0515

Office of Post Award Administration

Name Title Telephone Responsibility
Kim Calvery Assistant Director 541-737-2198 Signature Authority of non-binding documents, Policy Development
Lisa Silbernagel Assistant Manager 541-737-9585 Set up team lead, fellowships administrator, NRA payment contact
Mark Bierly Senior Business Systems Analyst 541-737-2842 Grants Billing, System Improvements, Data Integrity
Sue Brown Grant Accountant 541-737-4648 Monitor, audit, bill and closeout of grants*, prior year labor distrbution approval, small business reporting
Courtney Clark Grant Accountant 541-737-8727 Monitor, audit, bill and closeout of grants*
Barbie Gee Administrative Program Specialist 541-737-4711 Receptionist, Subcontract Administrator for Indexes beginning P-Z, Document Imaging, Cashiering
Aimee Goss Grant Accountant 541-737-2288 Monitor, audit, bill and closeout of grants*, PAR form administrator
Mike Haecker Financial Analyst 541-737-0516 Set-up and amend sponsored agreements, maintain Banner tables
Jen Hayden Grant Accountant 541-737-4227 Monitor, audit, bill and closeout of grants*
Jenny James Research Accountant 541-737-3318 Subcontract Administrator for indexes A-N,Outstanding Accounts Receivable, Fellowships Administrator, Endowment Funds, Desk Audits
Jim Nightengale Grant Accountant 541-737-3415 Monitor, audit, bill and closeout of grants*
Rachel Polansky Research Accountant 541-737-5914 A-133 Sub recipient monitoring and desk audits, no cost extensions, quality assurance program (QAP)
Courtney Clark Financial/Business System Analyst 541-737-8727 Award Setup, Project Management
Branita Sturm Research Fiscal Coordinator 541-737-2235 ACH Coordinator, Draw Down from Federal Treasury Sites, Cashiering, Create A/R Past Due List
Amanda Watts Research Fiscal Coordinator 541-737-4510 Set-up and amend sponsored agreements
Megan McEvoy Grant Accountant 541-737-2295 Monitor, audit, bill and closeout of grants*

*For point of contact for agencies and Business Center's, please see Accountants/Agency Assignments.

Financial Accounting & Analysis

Name Title Telephone Responsibility
Mark Fryman Assistant Director 541-737-0624 Fee Committee, FOAPA chart, F&A Rate, OUS liaison, FIS Policy approval, Internal Control, Audits

Alex Sims

Manager for Vendor Payment Operations 541-737-9370 FIS Group, QAP, Month-End and Year-End Coordination, JV and Invoice Approvals, Approval Queue Maintenance, OSUF liaison
Charlotte Rooks Manager for Analytical Operations 541-737-5422 F&A Rate, Online Fees, JV and Invoice Approvals, FIS and PRO Policy updates, FOAPA committee
Kim Jenkins Fiscal Coordinator 2
541-737-3792 F&A Rate, FUPLOADS, INTO, Inter-Institutional JVs, JV Approvals
Stephanie Smith Fiscal Coordinator 1
541-737-1825 Travel Policy, Moving, Advances, JV and Invoice Approvals, Airfare authorization, Student Group Travel Card Processing
Vacant Fiscal Coordinator 1
541-737-0635 Vendor Payment Processing and Cancellations, Invoices Approvals, W-9s, Vendor issues, Wire transfers, PO/Encumbrance liquidation issues
Rae Lee Aguilar Fiscal Coordinator 2
541-737-6047 Assessments, Plant Funds, Fixed Asset support
Kayla Campbell Fixed Asset Property Manager 541-737-4084 Asset acquisitions, Inventory Management, Federal asset monitoring
Nancy Boedigheimer Fixed Asset Property Manager 541-737-7601 Asset acquisitions, Inventory Management, Federal asset monitoring
Rose Hamilton PCard Program Administrator 541-737-0650 Purchasing Cards (PCards), Corporate Travel Cards
Norma Cardona Accountant 2
541-737-0637 AutoPay Vendor Processing, NRA Personal Service Payments, 1099-MISC Processing

Project, Improvement, & Technology Crew

Name Title Telephone
Project, Improvement, & Technology Crew Work Orders, eCommerce, FIS Access, BAff Website, Process Analysis, Form Design  
Dan Hough Project and Business Analyst 541-737-2935
Robin Whitlock Project and Business Analyst 541-737-0622

Matt Stoye

Project and Business Analyst 541-737-0654


Name Title Telephone Responsibility
Steve Nash Payroll Manager 541-737-9491 Payroll Policy, Compliance & Education
Susan Hall Assistant Payroll Manager 541-737-8610 Payroll Accounting
Payroll Expense and Encumbrance Posting
System and Fund Reconciliation
Lucy Carlson Student & Temp. Pay Specialist 541-737-0576 Student Pay
Temporary Pay
Trini Wilson
Fiscal Coordinator 541-737-3770 International Employees
Payroll Processing
Fund Reconciliation
Jerie Thorson Payroll Technician 541-737-0574 Faculty Salary & Academic Wage
9/12 Deferred Pay
Kristi Rietz Project Analyst 541-737-8611 EmpCenter Administration
Payroll Processing
OSCAR & Nolij
TBA Payroll Receptionst 541-737-0575 Check Delivery's
General Questions
Morgan Lycett Payroll Accountant 541-737-0577 Classified Pay
Fund Reconciliations
Joy Huimin Li Payroll Accountant 541-737-0573

Graduate Pay
Fee Remissions

Procurement, Contracts, and Materials Management (PCMM)

Name Title Telephone
Kelly Kozisek Chief Procurement Officer Phone
Amy Donnelly Administrative Program Assistant Phone
Christine Atwood Office Specialist Phone
Diana McElmurry Office Specialist Phone
Tamara Gash Strategic Procurement Initiatives Manager Phone
Vacant Strategic Procurement Coordinator Phone
Katie Lanker Contracts Officer Phone
Jennifer Doreen Contracts Officer Phone
Ed Hyatt Procurement Manager Phone
Deanne Lahaie-Noll Procurement Contract Officer Phone
Mark Lessel Purchasing Analyst 1 Phone
Debora Lauer Purchasing Analyst 2 Phone
Donna Cain Purchasing Analyst 3 Phone
James Figgins Purchasing Analyst 3 Phone
Jennifer Koehne Purchasing Analyst 3 Phone
Vacant Purchasing Analyst 3 Phone
Rae DeLay Materials Management Manager Phone
Steve Schofield Warehouse Coordinator Phone
Vacant Online Sales Coordinator Phone
Bil Burton Equipment Specialist Phone