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Instructions: To be completed by the hiring supervisor to request student employment.  Following submission, the hiring supervisor will receive an email with additional information and instructions.

Required fields are marked with an asterisks (*).

For questions regarding this form, please contact the FOBC Human Resources Team at fobc.hr@oregonstate.edu.

IMPORTANT NOTE TO SUPERVISORS:  Per the new OSU Criminal History/DMV Check Policy, the Student Employee IS NOT PERMITTED TO BEGIN WORKING until you receive confirmation/approval from the FOBC Human Resources unit.

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Briefly describe the physical working conditions for this position and the location/site from which the work will be performed.


Min. hourly rate: $9.10/hour------------------------Max. hourly rate: $15.22/hour

Please follow the link below if the requested hourly rate of pay exceeds $15.22/hour.

If work-study student, please follow the link below for work study information.

Please follow the appropriate link below, depending on your choice.

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