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Located in the Memorial Union finance office - MU 215 

Hours: Monday-Friday 8am to 5pm


The payroll office processes time records for pay compensation for the Oregon State University auxiliary and student fee-based units. We provided and assist with the maintenance of payroll documents for earnings and tax purposes for approximately 2500 employees each month.




Inclement Weather:

How to report your time and leave in EmpCenter:

How you record your time in EmpCenter depends on your policy profile and if the university is open or closed.  For the HR policy specific to inclement weather see the Closures or Curtailment of Operations policies on the Administrative Policies page at http://oregonstate.edu/admin/hr/policies#Misc.


Reporting Policy Matrix:

This Matrix will inform employees of the requiremets for leave and time reporting during weather curtailments for each employee type.


W2 Forms and Information:

2013 W2's were mailed as of January 23rd.  If you do not receive your W2 you can contact the Central payroll office in the Kerr Administration builiding by emailing paymaster@oregonstate.edu to see if it was returned to them in the mail. W2's are also now available On-line through myosu.oregonstate.edu or online services.


The printable version   is a valid copy to file with the state or IRS.

Duplicates can also be requested through central payroll in the Kerr Administration building or by emailing paymaster@oregonstate.edu with your request, however there may be a $10 fee.

If the employee is terminated and their ONID account has expired, they can still access everything via self-service at: http://infosu.oregonstate.edu/login.  They’ll need to log in using their OSU ID # and password (typically their last ONID password).

Non-Resident Alien’s do not all have their W-2’s available on-line. If you are a NRA and need a duplicate you can request that through central payroll at 737-3232 or paymaster@oregonstate.edu with the first copy at no charge.

Some NRA's will receive a 1042 which have been mailed.  Again check with central payroll if you are not sure or believe you have not received a document you should have.

EmpCenter Update:

Based on campus feedback over the past six months, OSU is moving EmpCenter rounding to the quarter hour.

The new rounding calculations will go into effect on February 2nd, 2014.

Check out the "What's new in EmpCenter" link for more information.

old rounding and new rounding conversion chart


2014 Tax Law Changes:

Increase in Social security taxable wage base - 

  • The social security taxable wage base increased from $113,700 to $117,000.
  • Only pay of $117,000 or less is taxed for social security, anything earned during a single tax year in excess of that is not taxed for social security.
    • If you earn $10,000 a month you will reach this maximum in December.  You will only be taxed for social security on $7,000 - the amount remaining to reach the maximum.

The earning threshold amounts on Medicare surtax on high wage earners changed -

  • Employers must withhold an additional .9% in Medicare tax on those employee's who earn more than $200,000 annualy.
  • Typically the employee pays 1.45% in medicare tax, high wage earners who make more than $200,000 will be taxed 2.35%


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