FIVE Easy Steps to Graduate on Time!

Follow this handy to-do list to make sure you graduate as planned

1. Reserve your place at the ceremony

To participate in Commencement, you must register and have an application to graduate on file.

To register, go to myosu.oregonstate.edu and log in, then click on the Student Records link and choose Commencement Attendance Confirmation. You must be a graduate (or anticipated graduate) of one of the following terms: summer 2014, fall 2014, winter 2015, spring 2015. Undergraduates with anticipated graduation terms of fall 2015 or summer 2015 are also eligible to participate in the Commencement ceremony.

The deadline to register for Commencement and have your name in the printed 2015 Commencement program is April 24. The last date to register for Commencement participation is May 29. If your plans change and you are unable to attend the ceremony, please return to MyOSU and cancel your attendance confirmation. Should you decide not to attend Commencement, you may pick up your diploma at the Registrar’s Office beginning June 15. To have your diploma mailed, go to myosu.oregonstate.edu

2. Attend the Grad Fair

The Grad Fair will be held from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. April 20-21 in the OSU Beaver Store. This is your opportunity to get information about the ceremony and make contact with the OSU Alumni Association. You can also buy your cap and gown, class ring, yearbook and commencement announcements. Visit osubeaverstore.com/graduationcenter for additional information.

3. Review your MyDegrees Audit with your adviser

Spring Undergraduate Candidates: Review your graduation audit in MyDegrees to check that you are on track for meeting graduation requirements in the term you have applied for graduation. Contact your adviser should you have questions.

If you’re a summer 2015 undergraduate degree candidate, the clearance for your degree will take place after the summer term ends. If you are a fall 2015 undergraduate degree candidate, the clearance for your degree will take place after the fall term ends, but you still may participate in the Commencement ceremony.

Graduate Candidates: Check clearance requirements and deadlines at gradschool.oregonstate.edu/success/commencement.

4. Ensure all your course work is completed

For spring term graduates to be eligible to receive a diploma at Commencement, all incomplete grades for required courses must be resolved and transfer credits must be on file before May 8.

All credits from transfer institutions required for your degree must be on file.

All incomplete grades for courses included in the completion of institutional and/or major degree requirements must be resolved. All I/Alternate Grades that are pending at the time the degree is conferred will revert to the alternate grade. You should resolve all I/Alternate Grades before degrees are conferred at the end of the term in which you have applied to graduate. For more information, go to oregonstate.edu/registrar/incomplete-grades

5. Review preliminary grades for spring term

Undergraduate Candidates: Oregon State faculty will award preliminary grades to graduating spring term students by May 11. If your ability to graduate is in question, your adviser or the Registrar’s Office will notify you. If your status is in question you may still take part in Commencement. However, based on your final grades, your graduation may be cancelled and you will need to complete deficient/missing requirements at a later date.

Graduate Candidates: Graduate degree candidate grades will be reported to the Graduate School. If you are a spring graduate degree candidate, you may participate in the Commencement ceremony only if all of your degree requirements are completed by the spring term deadline. For more information, go to gradschool.oregonstate.edu/success/commencement.