Line-up and Procession Instructions for Doctoral Candidates

OSU has a long tradition of making great effort to give each student his or her own individual diploma during the commencement ceremony. For this to work, you must do your part. If one person does not follow instructions, everyone who is behind that person will get the wrong diploma.

Please remember there will be little or no opportunity to visit a restroom from the beginning of the line up process until the ceremony ends.

  1. You must report for the processional line up. Go to the check-in table in Truax. Look for the check-in signs. An information booth in Truax can give you directions or answer questions.
  2. This is a rain or shine event. If it rains, we will proceed as outlined. Your cap and gown should offer some rain protection.
  3. Marshals will begin the lineup at 1:30 p.m.
  4. Marshals will give you a 3-by-5 card containing your name, position number and instructions for the ceremony.
  5. Once you have your 3-by-5 card, go to the appropriate line up station on the diagonal sidewalk in front of the library. Two lines will form parallel to each other. Please maintain your position so you will receive your own diploma.
  6. Your escort should line up opposite you, to your left. If the faculty member is escorting more than one person, he or she will line up opposite the first person being escorted and may not be able to walk in the procession alongside you. However, your escort will be involved in your hooding during the ceremony.
  7. You and your escort should practice hooding once you are lined up.
  8. If you arrive too late to pick up your 3-by-5 card from the marshal, you must line up at the end of the line. Late arriving students will receive blank diploma cases during the ceremony. You can pick up your diploma at the Registrar’s office or at the Registrar’s station to the rear of the stage in Reser Stadium after the ceremony.
  9. Unbutton your hood and carry it draped over your left arm.
  10. Line up procedures must be completed by 2:30 p.m.
  11. Soon after, the procession will start from the sidewalk south of Kidder Hall. The procession will include – in order – the chief marshal, colors, president’s platform party and faculty leading the procession. Doctoral candidates will follow. The sound of pipes and drums will be your indication to start.
  12. The procession will march from Truax.
  13. All students should face the colors as they lead the procession through the candidate ranks. Men should remove their mortarboards.
  14. Marshals will lead the doctoral candidates and their escorts following the faculty. Always follow the person in front of you.
  15. The chief marshal will halt the procession outside Dixon Recreation Center for a few minutes to allow for any slack in the bachelor’s lines and to correct any problems.
  16. The procession will enter Reser Stadium via the players’ ramp from Ralph Miller Drive. The ramp is steep, so watch your step. Candidates with mobility challenges should contact the Registrar’s office ahead of time for accommodations.
  17. Proceed across the field and sit down as directed by your marshals. Candidates and escorts will be seated together.