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OSU Projects with an Oregon connection

  • One of Oregon's most famous sons is OSU alum Dr. Linus Pauling (1901-1994), the only person to have received two unshared Nobel Prizes. Throughout the year The PaulingBlog, presented by the OSU Libraries Special Collections, will be featuring stories that illustrate Pauling's strong life-long connection with his home state. Visit the Linus Pauling Blog to learn more.

  • Tina Schweickert was selected as an Oregon Heritage Fellow for her work titled "A Landscape History of the Waldo Hills". This work will be presented at Rendezvous 2009! The Northwest History and Heritage Extravaganza, which will take place in Portland on April 17, 2009.
    Ms. Schweickert's primary research goal under the Oregon Heritage Fellowship Program is to reconstruct the landscape history of the Waldo Hills east of Salem, Oregon and relate it to cultural changes from the 19th to the 21st century. What were the characteristics and usage of this landscape under the Kalapuyan and Molalla tribes’ management compared to early settlers and modern day residents? She will focus on ecological changes and reflect on the transformation as illustrative of changing attitudes toward nature. Evaluating and comparing the past to the present, Ms. Schweickert will consider changes in vegetative complexes, Native American trail networks and settlers’ wagon roads, stream systems, and land usage patterns. This research on historic conditions could benefit those attempting to restore natural habitats and improve watersheds to address water quality and quantity concerns.

    Tina Schweickert holds a BS degree in environmental science from Willamette University and is currently a graduate student in the OSU history of science program. Advisors on this project include OSU professors emeritus William Robbins, Ph.D. and Mary Jo Nye, Ph.D. as well as Ron Doel, Ph.D. who recently moved to Florida State University.

  • Geology of Oregon display beginning January 2009 at the Oregon State Capitol in Salem

  • Senior Projects in Mechanical, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering on Oregon

  • Anthropology student Tania Porter is working on “One Mile From Civilization to Savage: American Attitudes towards French Canadians”, with Associate Professor David McMurray

  • To have your project mentioned please e-mail information to Shelly Houghtaling.


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