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  • March 21 - Lincoln Town Hall in Albany Oregon
    7:00 p.m. at the Masonic Hall, 431 First Avenue West, reservations are recommended please call (541) 928-0911.
    Steve Holgate a Lincoln actor who renders a “Lincoln Press Conference” dressed as Lincoln. Steve does a 20-25 minute recitation of what “he’s been up to these past few years” and then does a Q&A. Doug Tracy, a musician, performs songs from the era, such as Lincoln’s 1860 campaign song. The community discussion will be led by Lincoln scholars Richard Etulain and Elliott Trommald.
  • March 23 - 11:00 a.m. Storyteller to spin tales of early Oregon at Museum's annual ‘spring break' event

    Storyteller Ray Ballantyne of Salem was born in Oregon and grew up in the Pacific Northwest. For 30 years he taught elementary school, mostly in the primary grades. The annual “spring break” event is aimed at elementary and middle school-aged students, but persons of all ages will enjoy the presentation. Stories formed the heart of Ballantyne's classroom career before he retired to a career of storytelling and writing. From the riches of children's literature and the oral tradition, Ballantyne evokes the power and mystery of stories in his presentation. In addition to the program, Museum exhibits will be available for viewing. A variety of artifacts reflecting Oregon's 150th anniversary as a state are now on display. New exhibits include storefronts for Bikman's Ladies Shop and Hale's shoe shine parlor, both popular downtown businesses in the 1940s and early 50s that no longer exist. Admission to the Albany Regional Museum and the storytelling program is free.

  • Participate in a volunteer activity
  • Visit within 150 miles of your surrounding community to learn more about the beauty of Oregon.
  • Read a book, attend a lecture or visit a museum to learn more about your state.


  • April 10 - Third anual Tea and "150 Hats" Contact the Albany Regional Museum 967-7122 for reservations.
  • April 2- 26 - The Valley Library will host a traveling exhibit titled "This is Oregon Country"
  • April 25 - "Wildlife" event at the Albany Regional Museum in partnership with the Procession to the Species Parade


  • OSU Alumni Association will lead a day of community service projects in Bend, Portland, Corvallis, Seattle and the San Francisco bay area on May 16. Details are being developed so check back for more information later. If you have an idea for a project in one of these locations please contact Christi Kasten.
  • May 19 - at 8:00 p.m. Corvallis - OSU Symphony will present "Around the World". Visit the Symphony web site for more details about this concert featuring original compositions from composers in China, Germany and Corvallis and featuring artists from both China and Germany.



  • Join the College of Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences in celebrating their 50th Anniversary on Saturday, July 18. Burt Hall will host an open house 2:00 - 5:00 showcasing research projects. Check out all the neat stuff going on in Corvallis that weekend in conjunction with DaVinci Days.


  • Visit the LaSells Stewart Center to view a traveling photo exhibit from the pages of Oregon's Agricultural Progress Magazine. Or get a sneak peek by visiting Savory Images.

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