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Enrollment Planning

Enrollment Planning Workgroup Charge by OSU President and OSU Provost

Appointed by the Provost, the Enrollment Planning Workgroup (EPW) was charged to develop a plan and recommend processes to support Oregon State University's strategic plan in such a way that it promotes the university's success and sustainability in the short-term and long-term future.

Enrollment Planning Workgroup

The planning committee identified five subgroups designed to study key elements that impact enrollment planning. The subgroups proposed recommendations and issues for consideration which can be found in the full report (copies attached, 'EPW Overview'). In acknowledging the rapidly shifting student demographics, job market, economic and social climate, the enrollment plan is a continued effort that requires ongoing assessment and adjustments. In order to be responsive, the plan will continue to evolve. A workgroup has been convened to further develop the role of graduate student recruitment and retention. Dr. Sally Francis is leading this discussion, resulting in an addendum to the plan for distribution by June 2008. The potential role of E-campus offerings is also an ongoing discussion. At this time, the report has clearly identified many of the benefits and challenges, but has made no specific recommendations on the future of E-campus and how it will fit within the overall enrollment plan. With these two subgroups still underway, the report is marked as a DRAFT.

Feedback and Questions Welcome

Your feedback and questions, concerns are welcome. Copies of the Enrollment Plan, the workgroup overview and the full subgroup reports are posted below. Please contact Becky Johnson or Kate Peterson. We would be happy to present the subgroup findings and the Enrollment plan to groups, upon request.


OSU Enrollment Planning Documentation and Reports

Enrollment Plan Workgroup Overview (PDF, 782kb)
Enrollment Management Plan 2008-2012 Final Report (Powerpoint, 132kb)

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Appendix D - Alternate Delivery

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