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Wal n. Uf. B lv d. * F ). -->. Hewlett-Packard osu/witham hill/fimberhill/hip. Location
Before 4 pm After 4 pm. Deport PC 90. A Arnold Way & 26th 05. B Withom Hill ...
http://oregonstate.edu/engr/magnetics/sites/default/files/images/cts-route1.pdf -
The Society of Women Engineers (SWE) Conference, April 2011 ...
The panelists from left to right: Laura King (HP), Dana Brumley (CH2M HILL),
Pallavi Dhagat (Oregon State University), LaVonne Reimer (Lumenous), and Ann
http://oregonstate.edu/engr/magnetics/society-women-engineers-swe-conference-april-2011 - 26k
Summer Shuttle Route (Version 2)
Accessible parking is provided in every parking zone. A vehicle with a disabled
person parking permit (DMV) and OSU permit may park in any accessible ...
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Wireless Magnetic Sensors with Orthogonal Frequency Coding
Investigators: Dr. Jander and Dr. Dhagat, OSU. NVE Corp., MN. Fig. 1. RFID tag
with orthogonal frequency coding. Interrogation chirp. Frequency. Selective.
http://oregonstate.edu/engr/magnetics/sites/default/files/gallerix/albums/SAW2.pdf -
Magnetic Logic Circuits for Extreme Environments
... to develop, design, and test a 2-stage all-magnetic logic circuit using TMR
devices. Supported by: NASA-STTR. Investigators: Dr. Jander and Dr. Dhagat,
http://oregonstate.edu/engr/magnetics/sites/default/files/gallerix/albums/radiation_logic.pdf -
Electrically Tunable, Low Noise, On-chip Inductors
Investigators: Dr. Jander and Dr. Dhagat, OSU. Fig.1. Structure and orientation of
magnetic moments,. M, of a synthetic antiferromagnet and direction of magnetic ...
http://oregonstate.edu/engr/magnetics/sites/default/files/gallerix/albums/inductor.pdf -
Field Programmable Magnetic Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW ...
Investigator: Dr. Dhagat, OSU. Magnetoresistive (MR) film. Reference signal.
Delayed signal. Interrogation burst. Response (reference and delayed signals.
http://oregonstate.edu/engr/magnetics/sites/default/files/gallerix/albums/SAW.pdf -
Ferromagnetic Resonance Biochip for Diagnosing Pancreatic Cancer
Investigators: Dr. Dhagat, OSU. Dr. Prasad, PSU. Biochip for flow through
detection of pancreatic cancer biomarkers (antigens). flow-through reactor.
http://oregonstate.edu/engr/magnetics/sites/default/files/gallerix/albums/biochip.pdf -
May 3, 2007 ... OSU and two American Scholarship recipients, Pallavi Dhagat, professor at OSU,
and Mary King from PSU were proudly introduced as women.
http://oregonstate.edu/engr/magnetics/sites/default/files/gallerix/albums/AAUW_Report.pdf -
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