Magneto-Optic Kerr Effect Microscope

The magneto-optic Kerr effect microscope is used to image magnetization and magnetic domains on the surface of magnetic materials. This instrument can be configured for polar, longitudinal and transverse magneto-optical Kerr imaging. It offers high quality image with fast frame rates for observing the static magnetic domain structure as well as the dynamic behavior in response to external magnetic fields.


  • Both bulk and thin film magnetic samples are acceptable. The mounted sample is movable in XY plane with 360 degree rotatability. Maximum sample size is 3 cm × 3 cm.
  • 12 bit cooled CCD camera for low noise and fast frame rates
  • Field of view of 170 μm × 170 μm with 50X objective
  • Fully automated imaging system: the system is computer controlled with the option of image post processing (e.g., contrast enhancement)
  • Field capability:
    • Maximum strength: 0.06 T in plane, 0.03 T out of plane
    • Direction: 360 degree in plane magnetic field


Example Images: