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Which Test Should I Request?

What to consider when deciding which endophyte alkaloid test or tests to request

When possible, try to determine the type of material you have. Is the feed material a type of fescue, ryegrass, a mix of both or something else?

If you have fescue an ergovaline test is recommended. Lolitrem B is not typically produced by the endophyte found in fescue.

If you have ryegrass both ergovaline and lolitrem B can be present. If you want to have only one test done, a test for lolitrem B is recommended. The endophyte that can be in ryegrass is different than the one that can be in fescue and tends to produce mostly lolitrem B. However, you need to be aware that ergovaline is usually produced at lesser amounts and can also be a cause for concern in feed. A test for ergovaline may additionally be requested for ryegrass.

If you have both types of grass, tests for both ergovaline and lolitrem B are recommended.

If you don't know the type of material, in your feed but reproduction issues and or vasoconstriction issues are your concerns, a test for ergovaline, is recommended. If staggering is your concern, a lolitrem B test is recommended. If you would like assistance deciding on what test(s) are appropriate or if you think there might be an ergot problem please call the Endophyte Testing Laboratory at 541-737-2872.