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Oregon State University

Chemical Safety Requirements

Principal Investigators and Supervisors:

As part of OSU’s chemical safety efforts, we are requesting each PI or Supervisor who possess an active chemical inventory account to annually acknowledge the following Chemical Safety Requirements have been met for the laboratory or shop/support spaces under their supervision. The requirements have been approved by the Provost’s Council and apply to spaces and personnel where chemicals are used or chemical wastes are generated.

Chemical Safety Requirements:

  • Chemical Inventory – is current and has been submitted on-line.
  • Chemical Hygiene Plan – is current and is available to employees.
  • Chemical and Waste container labeling – all containers are labeled per the OSU guidelines.
  • Laboratory Self-Assessment – performed for your laboratory that uses or stores chemicals.
  • Safety Training – completed for all staff in areas where chemicals are used or chemical wastes are generated.

We are requesting submittal of the Acknowledgement within 30 days of this notice. The Acknowledgement can be made online. We realize this is the 2nd year of the program so please contact us with any questions at