9. Regulations Pertaining to Personnel Training

9.1. Policy

No individual may work with radioisotopes or radiation machines, or frequent places where such are used or stored, until receiving acceptable radiation safety training and having documentation for that training on file. Training must be at least commensurate with the degree of potential hazards to be encountered. In addition, refresher training must be received every three years.

9.2. Responsibilities for Personnel Training

9.2.1. Radiation Safety (RS) RS is responsible for presenting mandatory basic radiation safety orientation at reasonable frequency, and documenting satisfactory attendance. RS is responsible for presenting mandatory refresher training at reasonable frequency and documenting satisfactory attendance. RS may present other training whenever warranted and time permits.

 9.2.2. Program Director The Program Director is responsible for ensuring that each individual working in the program receives mandatory radiation safety orientation before beginning radiation work, that each individual receives mandatory refresher training at appropriate intervals, and that documentation is on file. The Program Director is also responsible for ensuring that each individual in the program receives adequate additional specific training needed to safely perform the specific tasks assigned. The Program Director is responsible for ensuring that non-radiation workers who frequent areas with radioisotopes or radiation machines receive adequate safety training and that documentation of the training is kept on file. The Program Director (via the semi-annual personnel verification report) is responsible for informing RS of individual radiation workers who have left the lab, or radiation workers who should be added to RS records

9.2.3. Individual Radiation Worker Each individual worker is responsible for working within the limits of radiation training received. Each individual is responsible for seeking additional information and training whenever appropriate.

9.2.4. Instructors of Formal Courses The instructor in charge of a formal course involving student use of radioactive materials or radiation machines must provide adequate safety instructions, document attendance and instructional content, and forward a copy of documentation to the RS office.

9.3. Training for Use of Nuclear Soil Moisture/Density Gauges

In addition to the above, persons using nuclear gauges for measurement of soil moisture or soil density must have completed a State-approved training course and have certification on file at the RS office. Courses are presented periodically by commercial firms. Contact RS for current information about availability.


9.4 Additional Training

Additional training requirements will be specified in the RUA.