3. Radiation Safety Program Responsibilities

3.1. Policy

The responsibilities of the various participants in the radiation safety program at Oregon State University are listed in Section 3 of the OSU Radiation Safety Manual. The responsibilities for the parties are listed below:

3.2. President and Vice President for Finance and Administration

The President and, by delegation, the Vice President for Finance and Administration are responsible for providing a radiation safety program for Oregon State University. To this end, the Vice President for Finance and Administration is responsible for appointing and overseeing a University Radiation Safety Committee. The office of the Vice President for Finance and Administration is responsible for maintaining and overseeing the Office of Enterprise Risk Services.

3.3. Radiation Safety Committee

The Radiation Safety Committee, appointed by the Vice President for Finance and Administration, is responsible for recommending University policy with respect to radiation safety, establishing standards and regulations needed to implement this policy, reviewing operations and procedures of Radiation Safety, and acting as the statutory review committee for use of radiation and radioactive materials required by State and Federal radioactive materials licenses. More specific statements of Committee responsibilities are given in the Committee Bylaws (see section 9 of the OSU Radiation Safety Manual).

3.4. Chief Risk Officer

The Chief Risk Officer is responsible for appointing and overseeing the position of Director, Environmental Health and Safety.

3.5. Assistant Director, Environmental Health and Safety

The Assistant Director, Environmental Health and Safety is responsible for appointing the University Radiation Safety Officer, and maintaining and overseeing the administration of the Radiation Safety Office.

3.6. Radiation Safety Officer and Radiation Safety

3.6.1. The University Radiation Safety Officer, who is appointed by and reports administratively to the Assistant Director Environmental Health and Safety is responsible for managing the day-to-day affairs of Radiation Safety and providing secretariat for the Radiation Safety Committee.

3.6.2. The Radiation Safety Officer or his/her authorized representative has the authority to stop all operations with radioactive materials or radiation producing devices where a potential hazard or violation of federal, state or University rules and regulations may exist.  Resumption of operations may take place only upon authorization from the Radiation Safety Officer or designee.

3.6.3. Responsibilities of Radiation Safety include: operating efficient programs for radioactive waste disposal, package receipt surveys and delivery, preparation of radioactive materials for shipment, personnel dosimetry, workplace surveillance, records management, and basic personnel training; administering the University's radioactive materials licenses and maintaining liaison with federal, state, and local regulatory agencies; providing advice to OSU personnel and others concerning radiation safety matters; managing radiation incidents and occurrences and supervising decontamination and other corrective tasks.

3.7. Program Director (Authorized User)

3.7.1. The Program Director has primary responsibility for all safety aspects of work under the program. This includes: being familiar with applicable parts of federal, state, and local laws and regulations; ensuring the personnel working under the program have received proper training; ensuring that all tasks involving radioisotopes or radiation machines are properly planned with respect to safety and that personnel involved understand what is to be done; ensuring that needed surveys, inspections and inventories are performed and documented properly and timely; ensuring that facilities and equipment needed for safety purposes are present and are properly maintained, including proper posting and labeling; ensuring that activities, materials, facilities, and personnel used during program work are properly authorized; ensuring proper security and marking of radioactive materials; ensuring proper notification of Radiation Safety and completion of proper corrective procedures in event of a spill, overexposure, etc.; ensuring proper notification and clearing of facilities and records upon termination of program work; ensuring that the Radiation Use Authorization is kept up to date.

3.8. Others involved with Radiation

3.8.1. All others working with or around radioisotopes and/or radiation machines are responsible for complying with safety and operating regulations and procedures pertaining to their activities. This includes such persons as: lab workers police and security workers janitorial personnel package delivery personnel

3.8.2. Responsibilities of the various participants in the OSU radiation safety program shall be made clear to all. Each participant is responsible for understanding and carrying out the required responsibilities and for interacting with other participants.

3.9. Financial Responsibility

3.9.1. Program Directors are responsible for costs associated with their use of radioactive materials as set forth in the schedule of charges published by Radiation Safety (e.g. x-ray machine registration, survey instrument calibration fees and non-routine waste charges such as for disposal of sealed sources and mixed waste.)

3.9.2. Departments will be responsible for any charges that a Program Director is unable to pay.