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Oregon State University

Fume Hood Design Guidelines

  • OSU policy on local exhaust systems
  • OSU's constrcution standards/design criteria contain a policy listing of several factors to consider when purchasing, installing, or upgrading fume hoods. These criteria address installing filters, stack height, acceptable flow rates, flow monitors, duct pressurization, and other topics. Some of those criteria:
    • Ductless hoods are not to be used for protection against volatile chemical or radioactive materials.
    • Filters are typically not installed within hood exhaust systems.
    • Hood fans are placed external to the building whenever possible.
    • Fume hood stacks will extend sixteen feet above any accessible working surfaces within 50 feet of the stack.
    • Exhaust capacity of the system is designed for 120 fpm face velocity at 18 inch sash height for each hood.
    • Fume hood exhaust is adjusted to 100 fpm average face velocity at 18 inch sash height for each hood.
    • Vertical sashes are preferred over horizontal sliding sashes.
    • Variable volume systems will typically be used in new construction.
    • Electronic flow monitors with digital airflow readout and two-point real-time calibration will be installed on all new or upgraded hoods.
    • Hood purchasess are limited to known manufactureres and models.

Last update 9/8/2010