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AHA-NEMO East Pacific Rise/Galapagos Data
"Shipboard data web site compiled during R/V Melville NEMO Expedition, Leg 2, D. Fornari, M. Perfit, M. Tolstoy, R. Haymon, D. Scheirer, P. Johnson, G. Kurras, S. White, J. Getsiv, and shipboard scientific and technical party, May, 2000."

ArcGIS Marine Data Model Project

Davey Jones' Locker
Oregon State University Department of Geosciences

Endeavour Segment GIS

FGDC Marine and Coastal Spatial Data Subcommittee
FGDC (Federal Geographic Data Committee) metadata standard

HMRG East Pacific Rise Data Archive
"Compilation of near-bottom imagery and high-resolution bathymetric data from 1991-1999, D. Fornari, M. Edwards, G. Kurras, P. Johnson, and shipboard scientific and technical party."


Model Coupling

RIDGE 2000

Scripps SIOExplorer (Geological Data Center)
including cruise and multibeam metadata specifications

Seafloor Mapping / Marine & Coastal GIS Links from Davey Jones Locker

ViNE (VIrtual Notebook Environment)

Web Browser Applet Allows Visualization of Three-dimensional Models
Eos Electronic Supplement, Vol. 83, No. 18, 30 April 2002
Source code, images from LeRoy Dorman at Scripps


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