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Experimental geometry of active source tomographic imaging, East Pacific Rise, 9N. Image by R. Dunn and D. Toomey.
AGU Fall Meeting 2002 Presentation
Abstract OS61C-09, p. F700

Geological Society of America, Cordilleran Section Meeting, 2002

Abstracts w/Programs, 34(5): A-85, P-70.

AGU Fall Meeting 2002 Poster

Abstract OS11B-0353, p. F590
Download PPT file of poster (2.3 Mb)

Data Management for Marine Geology & Geophysics

NSF-ONR Workshop Report, May 2001 (7 Mb PDF file)

Developing a Computational Environment for Coupling MOR Data, Maps, and Models: The Virtual Research Vessel (VRV) Prototype

Presentation and speaker notes from the NSF-ONR Workshop
(2.6 Mb PPT file)

GSA Cordilleran Section Meeting

Abstracts with Programs, 34(5): A-85, P-70.

VRV FAQ and URL Document

Handout at NSF-ONR Workshop (96 K MS-Word file)

Fundamental Semantics of Data Modeling

160 K PDF file

Why Web GIS May Not be Enough: A Case Study with the Virtual Research Vessel

Marine Geodesy, 2003


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