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LeSelect, a framework for accessing data and programs over the web.

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Faculty: Judy Cushing (TESC); Rahul Tikekar (SOU)
Students: James Gutholm, Peter Boonekamp (TESC), Aparna Kulkarni, Seth Joslin (SOU); Kristel Lyn Hackett (U of O)

Physical access to other scientist's data sets or to maps derived from the data sets, is a good first step, but not sufficient for effectively using the data for computational analyses. This part of the project focuses on common data models that can provide data, programs and metadata in a uniform manner, and has three focii:

  • a data model for marine geology data that abstracts across cruise formats (Figure 1),
  • an infrastructure so that metadata for data sets published with different formats, or buried within data files, can be viewed as if they were all of the same format, and
  • a distributed infrastructure so that data files and application output could be viewed as database queries (Figure 2).

    The metadata viewer (2) and the infrastructure for integrating marine geology data and applications (3) use LeSelect, a framework for accessing heterogeneous data and programs over internet environments. LeSelect, developed by Eric Simon and colleagues at the Institut Nationale pour Recherche en Informatique (INRIA), France, provides an underlying mechanism for distributed access to files, databases and programs. We extend LeSelect by providing wrappers that map marine geology data files, metadata and programs onto commonly recognized names and formats, and clients that provide a uniform application interface for marine geology.

    Figure 1. A data model for marine geology.
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    Figure 2. A metadata viewer and infrastructure for integration marine geology data and applications.
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