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January 11, 2013 Student Media Committee Minutes





Voting Members Present                             Peter Betjemann, Steve Clark, Stacey Edwards, Noreen Siddiqui, Megan Haverman, Thomas McElhinny, Brendan Sanders, Agustin Vega-Peters, Hayden Wilcox


Voting Members Absent                              


Non-voting Members Present                     Julia Sandidge, Nathan Bauer, Carly Chandler, Kami Hammerschmith, Kurt Hagan, Don Iler, Nicole Oliveira, Samara Simpson


Non-voting Members Absent                       Ashley Painter


Guests Present                                              Bill Gross


Noreen Siddiqui called the meeting to order. Julia Sandidge gave an update on the Student Experience Center (SEC). She showed a Powerpoint with computer assisted designs of the new building and photos from visits to other university media centers, ESPN and Current TV with the likes and dislikes listed. The SEC groundbreaking is scheduled for Thursday, May 23. Student Media is planning an open house/alumni reunion following the groundbreaking ceremony.


The SEC passed the Historic Review Committee for the City of Corvallis in December. A group is working with OSU Facilities Services on approval to move the FM tower from Snell Hall to the top of Reser Stadium instead of the top of the SEC. Reser is a taller building, so would require a much smaller tower than the SEC. A special use permit is required from the City of Corvallis.


Currently the budget goal for the technology for new studios is $3 million. Student Media may take out a loan and then charge outside groups for use of the facility to pay back the loan. We have also submitted over 3,000 former Student Media student names to the OSU Foundation to send an initiative letter out asking for contributions and a widget is being placed on the Student Media and Daily Barometer websites that allows people to donate online to the initiative. We want to be careful to call our fundraising an initiative, as it is not part of the University’s Capital Campaign.

Kami Hammerschmith sent out the final updated version of the University Student Media Committee Operating Policies and Guidelines with the agenda earlier in the week. She reported that the document was approved by Human Resources and General Counsel and asked for adoption by the Committee. Hayden Wilcox made a motion to adopt the document. Steve Clark seconded the motion.  Six voting members voted for the motion, one abstained and one came to the meeting later after class. There was no one opposed to the motion. The motion passed and the document will be adopted.


The editors/managers of each medium presented their 2013-14 budget for review and discussion. They will be presenting the budgets to the Educational Activities Committee on January 23.

Prism Magazine budget – presented by Kami Hammerschmith since Editor Ashley Painter was sick.

Prism is working on its marketing/distribution strategy to expand distribution so all copies of the publication are distributed. They are also working on the visibility and name recognition of Prism.

Steve Clark recommended that all mediums have a strategic plan that includes components of distribution.


Beaver Yearbook budget – presented by Business Manager Carly Chandler and Editor Samara Simpson.

Beaver Yearbook sold only 168 books all of last year and has already sold 130 this year. They are working on some new marketing promotions to increase sales, including one with Greek houses. Brendan Sanders questioned the sales of pages to Greek houses. Beaver Yearbook is presenting two budgets – One continues the current printed book and adds a digital yearbook that would be housed through the Digital Archive in the Valley Library. The second is for the digital book only, with no print copies. Since the printed book brings in revenue they will only be asking for about $3,000 more to keep the printed book vs. digital only, so that is the recommendation the Editor and Business Manager will make to Educational Activities.


KBVR TV budget – presented by Station Manager Nicole Oliveira.

Nicole said they do not have specific market research on TV, but that they do have analytics on their online viewers. Steve Clark said he might be able to help with the market research. They hope to increase their marketing with more social media, campaigns, posters, radio ads and outreach about awards received for some of their shows. TV is presenting two budgets. The first absorbs the mandated increases for the professional staff engineer. The second increases the budget by the mandated increase.


KBVR FM budget – presented by Station Manager Kurt Hagan.

FM is presenting two budgets. The first absorbs the mandated increases for the professional staff engineer. The second increases the budget by the mandated increase. Reallocation of the FM antennae will probably cost around $30,000.


Daily Barometer budget – presented by Business Manager Nathan Bauer.

The Daily Barometer has signed a contract with TownNews to design and launch a new website. With the new site, the Daily Barometer will control all advertising spaces. The Business Manager is trying to project estimated sales for next year. Daily Barometer ad sales for Fall Term are down 7 percent. This is mostly from national and regional ad sales. Local sales for Fall Term were up 13 percent. The Daily Barometer is looking at two budget proposals – one that keeps 5 days a week publication, but 7,000 copies per day and a second that cuts the paper to four days a week and 7,000 copies. The Business Manager is recommending dropping the $150/month stipend for the advertising representatives and just keeping their staggered commission based on their sales. He is also recommending an increased pay for distribution, adding a gas allowance of about $20/week. He is looking at expanding the newspaper’s distribution. Audits of delivery are being conducted in weeks 5 and 8. The newspaper is also looking to eliminate its contract with CNN for wire news next year.


Steve Clark recommended that we look at the overall Student Media finances and look at aligning all the budgets regarding over/under spending. He recommended looking at some market research and how all the Student Media products are marketed/promoted.


Announcements: Future meetings will continue to be on Fridays from 3 p.m. – 5 p.m. We will meet the first three Fridays of April (April 5, 12 and 19) to hire the new 2013-14 editors and managers.

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