Workshops & Events

TRiO SSS offers a variety of workshops, events and student activities each term, that enhance the students' ability towards developing excellent academic and professional skills.

The workshops, events and activities are coordinated by the TRiO SSS Peer Mentors as well as the Informal Learning Space student staff and are intended to add value to your overall success at Oregon State University. Participation is expected and greatly encouraged.

Spring Term 2016 Workshops & Events:

Trip to Newport (Visit Aquarium & Hatfield Marine Science Center - Apr. 16th

End of Year Staff & Student Picnic at Avery Park - May 13th

TRiO Study Session - June 2nd

Winter Term 2016 Workshops & Events:

Bowling Night - Feb. 4th

Night at the Movies "Hail Caesar" - Feb. 23rd

TRiO Study Session - Mar. 11th

Fall Term 2015 Workshops & Events:

Movie Night - Oct. 9th

Capture The Flag - Oct. 21st

TRiO Study Session - Dec. 4th

Spring Term 2015 Workshops & Events:

ultimate study session  Spring TRF App Workshop PicSpring 2015 SSS vs EOP Volleyball

Winter Term 2015 Workshops & Events: