Services & Benefits

After acceptance into the SSS Program, students have access to a variety of student-oriented services:

  • Academic Support & Guidance - Participants will receive comprehensive academic support services including academic coaching, course planning and tutorial services.
  • Student Success Seminars - Success seminars are informative sessions that enhance student’s capacity for learning and foster academic, personal, and professional success.
  • Career and Professional Development - Students receive guidance in academic and career exploration. We also provide individual or group guidance with resume writing, interview assistance, job search strategies, and other support that will help students plan a successful transition from the university setting to a rewarding career.
  • Assistance with Financial Aid and Scholarship Process - In conjunction with the Oregon State University Financial Aid Office, we are able to provide FAFSA workshops to help students complete their financial aid application. SSS Staff and peer mentors are also available to assist with the scholarship process.
  • Peer Mentorship- Peer mentors provide a leadership perspective on how to navigate the campus. Through shared experiences, peer mentors will guide you to academic and personal success on the OSU Campus.
  • Service & Leadership Initiatives- Students interested in service and leadership from are given the opportuntiy to participate in local and regional service initiatives. Students can also attend culturally competent leadership seminars designed to prepare students to lead in a multicultural and global society.
  • iPad, MacBook & Calculator checked out each term - Participants of our program have access to MacBook Pros, Ipad Minis and calculatorstors and are allowed to check them out on a tem by term basis.
  • TRF - Informal Learning Space equipped with iMac's - Participants have an informal learning spaced equiped with a Smart TV, Apple TV, headphones, computers and free printing.
  • Advocacy and Support - SSS provides the support needed to complete your studies. Our office also assists participants in maneuvering through the university system.
  • Social and Cultural Events Students looking to expand their college experience beyond the classroom are welcomed to join us for a variety of social and cultural events designed to build community and foster an appreciation and awareness of diversity.
  • Tutorial Services - Students looking to achieve academic success in their courses are eligible for free one-on-one peer tutoring with SSS Tutors. SSS Tutors’ central mission is to provide a collaborative learning environment that supports OSU students in becoming independent learners thus assisting in their academic success, retention, and graduation.

All of these services are FREE to program participants. If you feel you qualify and are interested in having TRiO SSS staff determine your eligibility contact our office. You can access to the TRiO/SSS Brochure outlining all services and contact information here.