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Faculty Senate President-Elect Candidate

STELLA MELUGIN COAKLEY (at OSU since 1988), Professor and Chairperson, Department of Botany & Plant Pathology, Colleges of Agricultural Sciences and Science.

FACULTY SENATE: Science Senator, 2001-02, 1997-99, 1990-92; Executive Committee, 2000-01, 1999; and Budgets and Fiscal Planning Committee, 2001-02.

COLLEGE OF SCIENCE: Promotion and Tenure Committee, 2001; Dean's Executive Committee, 1991-97; Council of Biological Sciences Chairpersons, 1991-present; Advisory Committee, Symposium for Graduate Study in Science for Undergraduate Women, 1992; Affirmative Action Committee, 1995; and Salary Equity Study Committee, 1996.

COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURAL SCIENCES: Dean's Advisory Committee, 1998- 2000, 1995-97, 1989-92 (Chair, 1990-91); Integrated Plant Protection Center Advisory Committee, 1990-present; Salary Equity Study Committee (Chair) 1996; Promotion & Tenure Committee, 1995-96; Promotion & Tenure Process Committee, 1995; Dean's Ad-Hoc Committee on Sustainable Agriculture, 1989-90; Farming for Profit and Stewardship, Sustainable Agriculture Symposium Advisory Committee, 1990 & 1991; Dean's Representative to Oregon Mint Commission, 1992-present; and Extension Annual Conference Organizing Committee, 1992.

OTHER UNIVERSITY SERVICE: OSU-2007 Human Resources Practices and Processes Satellite Team, 2002-present; OSU Budget Reconciliation Committee, 2001-02; OSU Task Force on Courtesy Faculty, 2001-02; OSU Campus Planning Committee, 2000-02; Undergraduate Research, Innovation, Scholarship, and Creativity (URISC) Advisory Committee, 1999-02; Issue Group on Faculty Compensation, 1999 -00; Member, Graduate Council Economics Program Review Team, 1999-00; Consortium for International Crop Protection, Board Member for OSU, 1989-present; College of Science Representative to OSU Extended Education Coordinating Committee, 1995-97; Provost's Ad Hoc Committee on Barriers to Mobility for Women, 1996; Provost's Committee on Recognition of Success Planning Committee, 1994-95; LIT Subcommittee on Structure and Organization, 1992; Provost's Committee on Academic Structure, 1992; and Organizing Committee, 52nd OSU Biology Colloquium, 1991 (Chair).

SEARCH COMMITTEES: Chairperson/Head of Microbiology (Chair), 2001; University Engineer, 2001; University Planning Manager, 2000; Vice Provost for Research, 2000; Agricultural Sciences Associate Dean, 2000; OSU Director of Business Affairs, 1998; College of Science Associate Dean, 1997; Chairperson/Head of Entomology (Chair) 1994; Agricultural Sciences Associate Dean Positions (2), 1993 - also served on the screening committees; Horning Endowed Chairs, 1992-93; University Architect, 1992; Interim Vice-President for Finance and Administration, 1992; College of Agricultural Sciences Dean, 1991; Biology Chairperson, 1991; Extension Agriculture Program Leader, 1990; and Integrated Plant Protection Center Director, 1990.

Candidate Statement: During the three years that I spent on the Executive Committee and most recently, the time spent on the OSU Budget Reconciliation Committee, I developed a new appreciation for how much the University administration values the contributions of the faculty through the activities of the Faculty Senate. I have seen many situations where the faculty input has significantly changed the outcome of a process and this has encouraged me to remain involved in faculty governance. The richness of the outcome requires a breadth in perspectives and I am committed to representing the diversity of faculty types found at OSU.

What will be the critical issue for faculty over the next two years and how can you help move that issue forward on their behalf?
OSU will continue to be impacted in a major way by state driven budget issues. In order to focus as many resources as possible on our core mission of teaching, research, and service, the institution has undertaken an ambitious effort to reshape the university by 2007. Numerous faculty and staff have invested large amounts of time in helping administration shape the future of OSU and it is important that the faculty remain engaged in the process to realize the potential of the numerous hours invested. Since the Faculty Senate has the primary responsibility for shaping the academic programs in the 2007 process, it is imperative that the faculty complete this task quickly. Implementation will require a sustained effort by the faculty along with the sincere commitment of the administration, and I believe that my experience in helping develop programs and realize success in new endeavors will be useful for this task.

The change in actuarial tables for PERS, combined with the possibility of legislated changes in the PERS system, appears likely to precipitate an unusually large number of retirements from those eligible. A decrease in retirement earnings and erosion of other benefits could result in additional faculty leaving OSU for positions with more competitive salary packages. This, combined with fewer hires of tenure-track and other faculty in recent years, may create a crises for OSU programs. It is important that the faculty leadership be a full partner with the administration in developing strategies for ts productive faculty and for ensuring that it will be competitive for new tenure- track faculty and other personnel needed to support its core mission. Priority needs to remain on developing a plan to increase faculty salaries and prevent further erosion of benefits. The breadth of my experience in budget and personnel matters, and in working with university administration, should be useful in ensuring that strategies are developed that will meet faculty needs.

OSU faculty must continue to build a relationship with the State Legislature and to take a more visible role in representing the needs of the faculty and university in order to provide the high quality programs expected by the state. This is critical if support for infrastructure and equipment are to be found from state dollars. I can bring my experience with statewide programs to help further this effort.

I strongly believe in the Faculty Senate's importance to OSU's future and want to see our role as making a meaningful difference for the faculty and the institution's programs.       Agendas | Bylaws | Committees/Councils | Faculty Forum Papers | Handbook | Meetings/Locations | Membership | Minutes |