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Faculty Senate President-Elect Candidate

PAUL STEVEN DOESCHER (at OSU since 1982), Professor, Department of Rangeland Resources, College of Agricultural Sciences.

FACULTY SENATE: Agricultural Sciences Senator, 1998-present and Executive Committee, 2001-present.

COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURAL SCIENCES: Lead Advisor, CAS portion of Natural Resources Degree Program and Head Advisor, Department of Rangeland Resources.

UNIVERSITY SERVICE: Steering Committee member and Co-Director for Off-Campus Programs, Natural Resources Degree Program, 1993-present; OSU-2007 Curricular Issues Core Planning Team (CIPT), 2002; and OSU-2007 CIPT Curricular Innovation Satellite Team (Chair), 2002.

Candidate Statement: Election to the Presidency of the Faculty Senate brings with it a responsibility to represent the faculty of Oregon State University at a time when OSU will face numerous budget-related problems. The President must be assertive and a solution-seeker, and find ways to engage all faculty in the process of trying to solve future challenges. The Faculty Senate will be a key entity in the search for solutions. Wise and careful analysis on key issues will be necessary to promote the highest quality teaching, research and service programs possible at OSU.

What will be the critical issue for faculty over the next two years and how can you help move that issue forward on their behalf?
Without question, the prospects of dire budgetary reductions will be the most critical issue facing the faculty of OSU. As we have already begun to see the ramifications of Oregon's financial crisis, the faculty of Oregon State University will need a strong voice during what could potentially be a time of major change. It will be imperative that the President of the Faculty Senate be a strong advocate for faculty interests. I see issues of program reorganization, job security, lack of adequate funding, maintenance of institutional quality and faculty salaries as being among the most pressing future needs of OSU. In addition, we will need to find ways to bolster the morale of our colleagues as difficult economic times have the potential to erode the spirit of our campus.

As Faculty Senate President, I will represent all faculty groups and work closely with our university and college administrators to seek creative and strategic solutions. From my involvement with the OSU-2007 process, I believe we have opportunities to preserve the core mission of the university, protect student and faculty interests, and at the same time strategically orient the institution to meet the needs of the future. As President, I would recognize the difficulties ahead and dedicate myself to working to find ways in which OSU faculty, students and administrators can help shape our future together.