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Candidate Biography

Interinstitutional Faculty Senate Candidate

ALANA S. JEYDEL (at OSU since 2000), Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, College of Liberal Arts.

OTHER UNIVERSITY SERVICE: Graduate Student Orientation Committee, 2001; Faculty Advisor Delta Delta Delta, 2000-present; Faculty Advisor Young Democrats, 2001-present; and Honors College Faculty, 2002.

SEARCH COMMITTEES: Various search committees in the Department of Political Science.

Candidate Statement: I have been at OSU for two years and would like to become involved in faculty governance. As a political scientist (who studies political behavior), I believe in practicing what I preach - civic involvement. Membership on the Interinstitutional Faculty Senate would offer me this opportunity. I am particularly interested in the IFS because much can be gained from communication and coordination among OUS institutions - there is increased leverage in coalitions. Coalitions will be of great importance in this era of shrinking budgets. I have governance experience from other institutions, strong organizational, leadership, and communication skills, and am committed to OSU.

Over the next two years, what critical issues for faculty will be best addressed through IFS and how can you help move those issues forward on their behalf? There are a number of issues facing OSU and the OUS system in general that would be well addressed by IFS. Among them are insuring that faculty salaries in the OUS system are competitive so that we can attract and retain quality teachers, researchers, and personnel; attracting and retaining minority faculty and personnel; the future of the OUS budget - especially in light of the probable failure of the income tax increase in January; how to continue to provide an affordable education to Oregon residents; the future of PERS; and PEBB. IFS is well suited to address these issues since many of these concerns impact all the institutions in the OUS system. By pooling our thoughts, concerns, ideas, and strategies, the members of the IFS can learn from each other, effectively communicate our concerns, and increase our bargaining leverage with the state. My knowledge of politics, including Oregon politics in particular, my communication and listening skills, and my dedication to tasks that I undertake provide me with valuable tools for advancing these issues in the IFS.