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Faculty Senate

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2010 Executive Committee Member

GREG THOMPSON (at OSU since 1996), Professor and Head, Department of Agricultural Education and General Agriculture, College of Agricultural Sciences

FACULTY SENATE SERVICE: Agricultural Sciences Senator, 2010-present, 2006-08, 2003-05; Advancement of Teaching Committee (AOT), 1997-00; Undergraduate Admissions Committee, 2002-06; Liaison from AOT to the Faculty Recognition and Awards Committee , 2000, 1999; and OSU Effective Teaching Faculty Forums (co-chair) 2000

COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURAL SCIENCES SERVICE: Faculty and Staff Awards Committee (chair), 2009; Diversity and Climate Survey (chair), 2006; and Student Scholarship and Awards Committee, 2000

UNIVERSITY SERVICE: OSU Diversity Action Plan Committee, 2005-06; OSU Career and Lifelong Learning Committee, 2004-05; and OSU Collegiate FFA Advisor, 1996-09

SEARCH COMMITTEES: Rangeland Ecology and Management Department Chair (chair), 2008; and College of Agricultural Sciences Assistant Dean and Head Advisor, 2007

CANDIDATE STATEMENT: During my three terms as a faculty senator, I have realized the value and significance of faculty governance and the important role that Faculty Senate plays at OSU. My depth and breadth of experiences in graduate and undergraduate education, advising students and clubs, teaching, research, and service will help me make decisions that will represent the interests of faculty and staff at OSU.