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2008 President-Elect Faculty Senate Candidate

LESLIE DAVIS BURNS (at OSU since 1985), Professor and Chair, Department of Design and Human Environment, College of Health and Human Sciences

FACULTY SENATE SERVICE: Academic Standing Committee, 2005-06 (chair); Interinstitutional Faculty Senator, 1996; Executive Committee, 1994-95; Promotion and Tenure Guidelines Review Committee, 1994-95; Promotion and Tenure Committee, 1993-96 (chair 1995-96); Graduate Council, 1992-95 (chair, 1993-94); Faculty Senator, 1992-94; and Student Recognition & Awards Committee, 1988-91 (co-chair, 1990)

COLLEGE OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SCIENCES SERVICE: Administrative Team, 2004-present; Promotion and Tenure Policy Committee, 2002; Promotion and Tenure Committee, 1992-94; Curriculum Committee, 1990-96, 1987-88 (chair 1995-96, co-chair, 1991-92); and Graduate Committee, 1986-87

UNIVERSITY SERVICE: Classroom Renovation Committee, 2006-07; Center for Teaching and Learning Advisory Committee, 2006-07; Athletic Advisory Committee, 2005-06; University Assessment Council, 2005-06 (chair); Task Force to Review Student Athlete Academic Services, 2005; Conflict of Interest Committee, 2003-04; Enrollment Management Committee, 2003-04; OSU 2007: Curricular Issues Planning Team, 2002; Faculty Productivity and Workload Task Force, 1993-94 (chair); Faculty Women's Network Advisory Board, 1993-95 (chair 1992-96); Student Activities Committee, 1987-90 & Sp 1992 (co-chair 1990)

SEARCH COMMITTEES: Director of Women’s Advancement and Gender Equity, 2006-07 (chair); Associate VP for Institutional Advancement, 2005; Director of Academic Programs, 2004; Dean, Health and Human Sciences, 2001; Associate Provost for Academic and Student Affairs – OSU-Cascades Campus, 2001 (chair)

Candidate Statement: The primary reason I would be honored to serve the faculty as President of the Faculty Senate is that I truly believe in the faculty governance system; particularly at a university as comprehensive and complex as OSU. Faculty governance provides faculty an imperative voice in decision making related to policies and practices that are essential to ensure OSUs success and prominence including academic policy, undergraduate and graduate curriculum, faculty reward structures, student engagement, and assessment. It is crucial that diverse faculty perspectives are included in our decision making processes and I would be committed to making that happen.

What will be the critical issues for faculty and how can you help move those issues forward? How has your experience prepared you for this position?

In February 2004, President Ray outlined a strategic plan for OSU. As we approach the fifth year of this plan, it will be important for the Faculty Senate to take a leadership role in assessing our progress and to work with the University Administration in building capacity among faculty for meeting the goals set. One of the key aspects of our strategic plan is to enhance our institutional identity as a premier research and outreach institution. Because the identity of an institution is a direct result of the work and achievements of our faculty, the Faculty Senate must be at the forefront to ensure that all faculty work in environments that enhance our professional growth and that we are fairly reviewed and compensated for the important work we do.

It is also the obligation of the Faculty Senate to ensure that OSUs core values (accountability, diversity, integrity, respect, and social responsibility) are at the foundation of our policies, procedures, and practices. In other words, the Faculty Senate must ensure that OSU “walks the talk.” This will become even more important as OSU grapples with impending budget issues and allocation of resources.

The majority of the work of the Faculty Senate happens through its many committees and councils; service activities that often go unrewarded. And yet, some of the most effective means for faculty to gain leadership experience are through serving on and chairing these committees and councils. As such, to ensure the effectiveness of the faculty governance system and to provide important leadership opportunities for faculty, rewarding the leadership skills of our talented faculty who serve the university in this manner must be a priority for the Faculty Senate leadership.

Over the 23 years I have been on the faculty at OSU, I have served on numerous Faculty Senate and university committees and councils and have chaired the Faculty Senate P&T Committee, Graduate Council, Academic Standing Committee, Student Recognition and Awards Committee, and Student Activities Committee. I have experienced the importance of including diverse faculty perspectives in our discussions and decision making. As President of the Faculty Senate I would be an advocate for faculty and continue the strong working relationship we currently have in place between the Faculty Senate and University Administration.