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2007 Interinstitutional Faculty Senate Senator

RON REUTER (at OSU since 2003), Assistant Professor, Natural Resources/Forest Resources, College of Forestry, OSU-Cascades Campus

Faculty Senate Service: Forestry Senator, 2004-07; University Learning Goals Task Force, Fall 2005

COLLEGE OF FORESTRY SERVICE: 7th Annual Conference on University Education in Natural Resources Planning Committee, 2007

OSU-Cascades Service: Safety Committee, 2004-present; OSU/UO/COCC Joint Curriculum Council, 2003-05 (secretary 2005)

Candidate Statement: I work for Oregon State University. I love saying that because it gives me pride and I know that I am making a difference for future generations. In Natural Resources we discuss sustainability as a goal; sustainability for OSU and the state of higher education in Oregon is something the IFS focuses on and I can bring my experience to. My work with OSU-Cascades is inter-institutional, successfully working with the administration and faculty of OSU, UO and Central Oregon CC. I think this will provide a valuable perspective in the IFS.

What critical issues for faculty at a state-wide level will be best addressed through IFS and how can you help move those issues forward?

I see the perilous biennial budget and it’s too frequently shrinking higher education component as an issue. The IFS interaction with state legislators provides an action front for that issue. IFS is also the starting point for partnerships between OUS institutions and community colleges to better serve the faculty and our clients, the students. Through IFS, I think we can work to make the OUS more of a team and less of a group of competitors. My perspective of issues that IFS can address is somewhat limited by my subjective view – the same for any senate member. Discussions with my colleagues indicate that other worries exist. For example, the export of talented Oregon faculty to schools and institutions with better finances. IFS can work to make staying in Oregon a viable and desirable choice. As an active member of IFS, I will dialogue with OSU and other OUS faculty to identify their concerns and bring IFS-related issues to the table.