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2007 President-Elect Faculty Senate Candidate

PAUL STEVEN DOESCHER (at OSU since 1982), Professor, Department of Forest Resources, College of Forestry.

FACULTY SENATE SERVICE: Executive Committee, 2007, 2001-02; Forestry Senator 2005-present; Inter-Institutional Faculty Senate 2005-present; and Agricultural Sciences Senator, 1998-04.

COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURAL SCIENCES SERVICE: Lead Advisor, CAS portion of Natural Resources Degree Program and Head Advisor, Department of Rangeland Resources.

COLLEGE OF FORESTRY SERVICE: Curriculum Committee Chair, Department of Forest Resources, 2004-present.

UNIVERSITY SERVICE: Earth Systems Science Thematic Area Curriculum Committee, 2007-present; University Council for Student Engagement and Experience, 2006-present; Director, Natural Resources Degree Program 2006-present; OSU-2007 Curricular Issues Core Planning Team (CIPT), 2002; and OSU-2007 CIPT Curricular Innovation Satellite Team (Chair), 2002; Steering Committee member and Co-Director for Off-Campus Programs, Natural Resources Degree Program, 1993-06;

Candidate Statement: As I was considering whether or not to run for Faculty Senate President, I was asked by several colleagues the following question, “Why would anyone want to run?” They looked at me as if I was a little bit crazy to even consider such a thankless position. 

This caused me to think long and hard about the reasons why I would accept the opportunity to run for Faculty Senate President. First and foremost, I decided to run because I care about OSU. I care about the welfare of the faculty, the education of our students, and the important role OSU will play in addressing future issues facing our society. Second, I realized from my service on the Inter-Institutional Faculty Senate that faculty input into decision making at OSU is greater than at most of the other universities in the state. Having faculty engaged in decision making is critical to help carve out the future vision for OSU. And third, I felt that service to the university is not only an honor but a chance to give something back to the institution that helped me foster my career over the past 25 years.

What will be the critical issue for faculty over the next two years and how can you help move that issue forward on their behalf?

There are significant, future challenges facing the faculty at OSU. Issues that need to be addressed include: moving towards fair and equitable salary levels for all faculty; embracing the diversity of thoughts and ideas that come from a truly remarkable and interdisciplinary faculty; finding ways to reward excellence in teaching, student engagement and outreach in the P&T process; trying to build pride among faculty who have over the years become somewhat cynical; and dealing with future budget concerns.
The President of the Faculty Senate must be a solution-seeker, and find ways to engage all faculty in the process of trying to make OSU the eminent institution in the State of Oregon. Wise and careful analysis of key issues will be necessary to promote the highest quality teaching, research and outreach programs possible at OSU. Given the recent announcements by President Ray on future redirections of OSU’s mission and operations, it will be imperative that the President of the Faculty Senate be a strong advocate for faculty interests.
As Faculty Senate President, I will represent all faculty groups and work closely with our university administrators to seek creative and innovative solutions. I believe we have opportunities to redefine the core mission of the university, protect student and faculty interests, and at the same time strategically orient the institution to meet the needs of the future. As President, I will recognize the difficulties ahead and dedicate myself to working to find ways in which OSU faculty, students and administrators can help shape our future.