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Faculty Senate

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2005 Executive Committee Member

JOHN BOLTE (at OSU since 1987) Associate Professor and Head, Department of Bioengineering, College of Agriculture.

FACULTY SENATE SERVICE: Agricultural Sciences Senator, 2005-Present, 1991-93 and Research Council, 2001-04.


COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING SERVICE: Leadership Team, 2001-present.

OTHER UNIVERSITY SERVICE: Interim Director and Chair, Executive Committee, Institute for Water and Watersheds, 2004-present and Review Panel, Center for Water and Environmental Sustainability/USGS Proposals, 1999-present.

SEARCH COMMITTEE: Director, Institute for Water and Watersheds, 2005.

Candidate Statement: I believe faculty are the vital element of the university and that OSU's success is largely a function of how effectively the faculty are engaged in the many tasks the university task of them. As OSU adapts to the changing face of higher education and the realities of budgets and changing societal expectations, faculty need to be engaged in defining how these changes manifest themselves at OSU. The Faculty Senate and the Executive Committee can be an important vehicle for bringing faculty into these discussions and ensuring that we continue to be effective in our education, research and outreach missions.