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Faculty Senate Executive Committee Candidates 2004

December 2004

Tracy Bentley-Townlin (at OSU since 1990), Professional Faculty, Director, Services for Students with Disabilities, Student Affairs.

FACULTY SENATE SERVICE: Associated Faculty Senator, 2002-present, 1995-98; Academic Standing Committee, 2002-present; Diversity Council, 2001-02; and Academic Regulations Committee, 1996-99 (Chair 1998-99).

UNIVERSITY SERVICE: Academic Success, Advising and Access, 2007, facilitator, 2001-03; Kellogg Critical Issues Teach and Learn Symposium, 2001-02; and University Advisory Committee for Persons with Disabilities, 1990-present.

SEARCH COMMITTEES: Associate Vice President for Finance and Administration, 2000-01; Director of Facilities Services, 2000-01; Student Support Services 2000-01; Learning Specialist, Athletics, 1999-00; Associate Registrar, 1996-97; Investigation Officer, Affirmative Action Office, 1996; and Vice Provost for Student Affairs, 1995.

Candidate Statement: While there are many challenges facing OSU today, there are also many opportunities to incorporate Universal Design in Instruction that supports faculty excellence in teaching while attending to the needs of diverse learners. I firmly believe that the quality of teaching and how we support faculty in that endeavor is the key to student retention. Additionally, through my work with the Academic Success, Advising and Access Committee, I was provided the opportunity to work with colleagues across campus. I would enjoy the opportunity for further collaborative efforts as we work to enhance the teaching and learning environments at OSU.

* * * * * * * * * *

Karyn E. Bird (at OSU since 1998), Assistant Professor, College of Veterinary Medicine.

FACULTY SENATE SERVICE: Veterinary Medicine Senator, 2002-present; Graduate Admissions Committee, 2004, 1999-03 (Chair, 2002-03); and Graduate Council (ex-officio), 2002-03.

UNIVERSITY SERVICE: University Biosafety Committee, 2002-present; University Safety Committee, 1999-present; and EH&S Liaison, College of Veterinary Medicine, 1999-present.

COLLEGE OF VETERINARY MEDICINE SERVICE: Student Chapter of the American Veterinary Medical Association (Advisor), 2003-present; Faculty Advisory Committee, 1999-present (Vice-chair, 2002-03); Animal Welfare, Personnel Safety, and Ethics Committee, 1999-present; Implementation Committee (Initial Site/Building Design Committee), 2001-02; and Ad hoc Readmission Committee, 1999-02.

Candidate Statement: The Faculty of Oregon State University is a group of committed "citizens" working tirelessly to create new opportunities for Faculty, staff and students at OSU. Even as opportunities present themselves, great challenges also face the Faculty Senate and the University over the next several years, but they can be effectively met by a strong group of individuals working as a team and representing all the OSU community. It would be an honor to be a part of that team working with the Faculty and the University administration to address the challenges and maximize the opportunities for everyone at OSU.

* * * * * * * * * *

Lynda Ciuffetti (at OSU since 1990), Professor, Department of Botany and Plant Pathology, College of Agricultural Sciences and College of Science.

FACULTY SENATE SERVICE: Agricultural Sciences Senator, 2000-present; Graduate Council, 2003-04 (Chair); Distance Education Committee, 2003-04 (ex-officio); and Graduate Council, 2002-present.

COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURAL SCIENCES AND COLLEGE OF SCIENCE SERVICE: College of Science Board of Visitors' Meeting, Invited Participant, 2002; Animal Health and Disease Research Program, College of Agricultural Sciences, Proposal Reviewer, 2000; Horne Award Committee, College of Science, 2003, 2002, 1999; Symposium on Graduate Study in Science for Undergraduate Women, Steering Committee, 1995-97; Biology Program Curriculum Committee, 1994-95, College of Science; Molecular and Cellular Biology Sub-Curriculum Committee, 1990-1996, Colleges of Science and Agricultural Sciences.

OTHER UNIVERSITY SERVICE: National Research Council Study of Research: Doctorate Programs Steering Committee, 2004-present; Commencement Ceremony, Column Marshal, 2004, 2003; Faculty Mentor, Diversity Internship Program, 2002-03; Graduate Education Satellite Committee, Graduate School, 2002; State Board of Higher Education Meeting, Faculty Representative, 1999; Center for Gene Research and Biotechnology, Scientific Advisory Committee, 1997-00; and Faculty Mentor for the EDGE Program for Ethnic Minority Students, Summer Research Program, 1991, 1992.

SEARCH COMMITTEES: Director for the Center for Gene Research and Biotechnology, 1999-00; and Biology 21X Laboratory and Course Coordinator (Chair), College of Science, 1996.

Candidate Statement: I have always believed in the importance of faculty involvement in the governance of the University. This view has only been strengthened due to my involvement in the Faculty Senate and the Graduate Council. I believe I can effectively work with administrators, faculty (both professorial and professional), staff, and students to further our collective desire that OSU excel in the areas of undergraduate and graduate teaching, research, and outreach. Throughout the decision making process I will make a conscientious effort to listen to another's perspective and will always be mindful that I am representing the views of the faculty community.

* * * * * * * * * *

Viki Freeman (at OSU since 1986), Professional Faculty, Office Manager, Department of Horticulture, College of Agricultural Sciences.

FACULTY SENATE: Agricultural Sciences Senator, 2004-present, and Faculty Panels for Hearing Committee, 2002 to present.

COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURAL SCIENCES: Office Managers Group, 2001-present and Outstanding Classified/Management Employee Selection Committee, 1998, 1997 (Chair), and 1993 (Chair).

UNIVERSITY SERVICE: Food Drive Coordinator, 1996-01; Employees Charitable Fund Drive Site Coordinator, 1996-01; Deputy Building Manager, Agricultural and Life Sciences, 1992 to 2001; and Office Personnel Association, 1989-00.

SEARCH COMMITTEES: Department Head, Horticulture, 1992-93.

Candidate Statement: Shared governance is critical for implementation and acceptance of change at OSU. It is, therefore, important that all faculty ranks have representation on the Faculty Senate Executive Committee. My extensive administrative experience, familiarity with many campus operations, and successful interaction with various levels of administration have yielded valuable knowledge that will enable me to represent not only professional faculty, but all faculty. I am aware of, and sensitive to, staff and student issues and have a genuine commitment to diversity and equity.

* * * * * * * * * *

Rakesh Gupta (at OSU since 1991) Associate Professor, Department of Wood Science and Engineering, College of Forestry.

FACULTY SENATE SERVICE: Forestry Senator, 2002-present, 1994-97; Graduate Admissions Committee, 2003-present; Promotion and Tenure Committee, 1999-02 (Chair, 2001-02); and Graduate Council, 1996-98.

COLLEGE OF FORESTRY SERVICE: Building Community Committee 2002-present.

OTHER UNIVERSITY SERVICE: Panel Member - Reflection on Scholarship (Faculty Position Description), 2002.

Candidate Statement: The main reason I agreed to serve on the Executive Committee (EC) of the Faculty Senate (FS) is because I strongly believe in the faculty governance of the University. As a member of the FS EC, I will represent the voice of the faculty at Oregon State University and vigorously advocate for academic freedom and faculty economic welfare. Since I have not served on too many university committees, I believe that I can bring 'outside-the-box' ideas to the Executive Committee. I feel that I can fulfill my role on the EC based on my thirteen years of experience at OSU.

* * * * * * * * * *

Lisa Hoogesteger (at OSU since 1995), Professional Faculty, Associate Director, Department of Recreational Sports, Student Affairs.

FACULTY SENATE SERVICE: Student Affairs Senator, 2003-present, 1998-01.

STUDENT AFFAIRS SERVICE: University Student Conduct Committee, 2003-present; Student Affairs Assessment Council, 2002-present; and University Student Media Committee, 2001-present.

OTHER UNIVERSITY SERVICE: President's Coalition for a Healthy Campus Community 2004-present; Professional Faculty Issues Group, 2002-03; 2007 Strategic Plan Student Affairs subgroup: "Healthy Campus", 2002; and InterACTION! Design Team and Coaching Program, 1998-present.

Candidate Statement: I am very interested in student success and my work involves a collaborative approach to learning and teaching. I would like to serve on the EC because I want to contribute to improving OSU and believe my broad-based perspective will add value. I am aware of current issues impacting faculty, staff and students and have been a part of several interdisciplinary projects focused on academic success. The recent Student Learning and Assessment symposium also provided a context for looking at issues from the vantage point of how to best benefit the OSU student of the future, to meet the mission of OSU and to support issues important to Oregon and many places beyond.

* * * * * * * * * *

Bob Mason (at OSU since 1991), Professor, Zoology Department, and Chair, Biology Program, College of Science.

FACULTY SENATE SERVICE: Science Senator, 2002-present; Committee on Committees, 2000-02 (Chair, 2002); and Research Council, 1994-97.

COLLEGE OF SCIENCE SERVICE: Howard Hughes Medical Institute Fellowship Committee, 2004-present; General Science Restructure Committee, 2003-04 (Chair); Curriculum Council, 2002-present, 1997-99; and Biology Workgroup Committee, 2001-02.

OTHER UNIVERSITY SERVICE: URISC Advisory Panel 2004-present; Research Office, Special Report on Research at OSU, 2000; International Programs Faculty Grants and Awards Program, 1999-00; Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee, 1998-02; and Convocations and Lectures Committee, 1996-99.


Candidate Statement: I believe that my experiences as a teacher, researcher and now administrator of a large, interdisciplinary undergraduate program give me a good perspective on a number of the serious problems the University is facing now and in the coming years. The Faculty Senate is an important voice for the students, faculty and staff to the University administration. The Executive Committee is critical in insuring that the dialogue that takes place gets translated into effective and meaningful actions. I feel that I could be an active and effective member in helping to solve some of our many problems.

* * * * * * * * * *

Lani Roberts (at OSU since 1989), Assistant Professor, Philosophy Department, College of Liberal Arts.

FACULTY SENATE SERVICE: Liberal Arts Senator, 2004-present; Graduate Admissions Committee, 2004-present; Undergraduate Admissions Committee, 2001-04; University Honors College Council, 1999-01; and Faculty Grievance Committee, 1996-99.

COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS SERVICE: Budget Committee, 2002-04, 2004-present; Master Teacher Program, 2004-present, 1997-99; Student Review & Appeals Committee, 2000-01, 1999-00, (Chair, 2003-present, 2001-02); and Pauling Peace Lectureship Committee, 1999-01.

UNIVERSITY SERVICE: Student Conduct Committee, 2000-03; Gender & Diversity Task Force, Athletic Department, 2001-02; Association for the Advancement of People of Color (AFAPC), 1999-present; Student Activities Committee, 1997-01; and DPD Advisory Committee, 2000-present, 1996-00.

Candidate Statement: I have long understood that communities could not exist if at least some of the citizens therein were not willing to work on behalf of the whole and, for this reason, I was a volunteer rural EMT in Oregon for 10 years. I also very much appreciate the self-regulating nature of the university and realize that it is and could be what we make of it. For these reasons, I am willing to serve on the Executive Committee of Faculty Senate.